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access control security systems

by:KJTDQ     2020-06-16
Access control systems provide a high level of security for your home and office.
Access control systems protect restricted areas from intruders and allow access to authorized personnel only.
The access control system even records the entry time of the employee.
It protects and protects the personnel, documents and equipment of a facility.
In buildings with multiple entrance points, the access control system is very practical.
The entrance and exit through these doors are controlled by an access control system using different types of security devices.
The most common is the control panel, which has a numbered button or a touch screen connected to the lock and release system of the door.
The employee enters a specific pin code and is verified by the access control system.
The second device used by the access control system is the magnetic stripe reader, also known as the card reader.
The employee will receive a coding card and he or she will swipe the card to disable the lock system for the door.
Normally, the coding card is also used as his employee ID.
The access control system also uses close range readers and remote readers.
These sensors can detect coded cards without needing to swipe their cards.
The former detects the card in a short distance of about 100, while the latter can detect the card in a distance of about 1 m.
Fast and no
These were designed to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act.
Smart card readers enable access control systems to process additional information for other company services. Time-
For example, both input and output are recorded.
Access control systems can also be connected to the company\'s payroll system, parking system, catering and vending machine services.
Finally, access control systems with biometric fingerprint readers use specific features such as fingerprints and eye scans to identify people who can enter a specific room.
The system has high accuracy and avoids problems such as card theft or loss.
Identify visitors or non-visitors
Through three methods, it is possible for the employees of the access control system
A doorbell system that alerts employees, an audio intercom system that allows visitors to talk to staff, and an audio intercom system equipped with cameras, allows staff to view and identify visitors.
If access is allowed, the entrance door is unlocked remotely and an escort is provided to welcome and guide visitors.
Cards or labels will also be issued for correct identification.
When designing and installing an efficient access control system, carefully evaluate the number, location, safety level, flow of people in the building, its operations and processes, and future development plans.
Another feature you can consider is to integrate the access control system with the fire alarm of the building.
Finally, only the necessary equipment is purchased from an organization approved by NSI (NACOSS).
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