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atmosphere iot and radio bridge partner to bring ...

by:KJTDQ     2020-05-13
Atmospheric Internet of Things, a low innovation supplier
Code IoT development platform and Radio Bridge, a leading design and manufacturer
Range Wireless Sensor today announced a partnership to integrate wireless bridge sensors with atmospheric clouds
IoT-based platform enables rapid deployment and management of multiple sensor technologies across multiple low levels
Power Wide Area Network.
Recently deployed an integrated solution for customers managing disaster response in the energy industry.
Built on an atmospheric platform, the solution uses a combination of Sigfox and LoRaWAN technologies to connect and manage hundreds of wireless bridge wireless sensors.
\"As we continue to add support to our devices on our platform, we focus on providing quick and easy deployment options for businesses to support the various use cases we encounter, jeff Lieb, CEO of atmospheric Internet of Things, said. “The pre-
The integration of wireless bridge sensors and the atmospheric Internet of Things platform provides a multi-service platform for our customers.
Long distance, low power requirements.
\"We are excited about our new partnership with Atmosphere IoT because they are modern, innovative, fast
\"The Internet of Things market is getting faster and faster,\" said Steve Kiltz, CEO of Radio Bridge . \".
\"Together, we can quickly deliver complete solutions to our customers.
As our wireless sensor portfolio expands, we look forward to deploying our customers more successfully through Atmosphere.
\"About Atmosphere IoTAtmosphere provides the fastest and easiest way for IoT solution builders to build, connect and manage complete sensors --to-Cloud solution.
First released in January 2015 with low innovation
Thousands of internet of things developers use code software development platforms to create smart wireless
Supported products and solutions.
Atmospheric Internet of Things
Founded in 2017 from Anaren, Inc.
Internet of Things group.
For more information, visit BridgeRadio Bridge
Long term design and manufacturing
Range wireless sensors for the Internet of Things (IoT)
Industries that use emerging wireless standards such as LoRaWAN and Sigfox.
The entire portfolio of sensor products is designed for a very long range, low cost and extended battery life.
These sensors are for the home security, smart city, medical equipment and industrial automation industries.
Optional network available for wireless bridges
Console-based for configuring, monitoring, and configuring field sensors.
Custom design can also achieve the goal of seamless sensorsto-
Cloud solutions for various applications.
For more information, please visit IoTRyan ArnholtDirector, director of marketing460-0250ryan.
Arnholt @ atmosphere IoT.
ComRadio BridgeSteve KiltsCEO833-723-4624steve.
Radiobridge short skirt.
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