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can’t find a parking spot? check smartphone

by:KJTDQ     2020-05-15
John markoffjuly 12, San Francisco-
The secret to finding the perfect parking spot in a crowded city is usually just a matter of luck.
But the driver here will get some help from the harmless plastic labels that are about to stick to the street.
This fall, San Francisco will test 6,000 of the 24,000 metered parking spaces in the country\'s most ambitious wireless sensor network trial, which will be announced at any time for free.
The driver will be alerted to an empty parking space by showing it on the street sign, or by looking at the map on the smartphone screen.
They can even pay for parking fees through their mobile phones and add parking meters from their mobile phones without returning to the car.
Solving the parking problem is of special significance in San Francisco because two years agoyear-
Old Boris Albin was stabbed to death in the battle for a parking space.
The ad \"if the San Francisco experiment is successful, no one will murder anyone because of parking spaces,\" said Donald shupu, a professor of urban planning at the University of California, Los Angeles, their work on parking space pricing and whether more space is good for the city has led to a revolution in the idea of easing congestion.
\"Advertising will have a series of positive effects on transportation, the economy and the environment,\" he said . \".
About a dozen major cities are discussing deployment with tech companies
Although San Francisco is ahead in this regard, it is called a smart parking system.
New York City is not among them.
The Bloomberg Government\'s plan to ease traffic congestion through congestion pricing plans failed at state law institutions this spring, although high gas prices have reduced traffic to some extent.
It\'s not that New Yorkers need a reminder of any traffic problems, it\'s a study published in June by the public transport advocacy group \"transport alternatives\", which is reported to be, 28% to 45% of traffic on some streets of New York City is generated by people moving around the block.
The study also said the driver was in 15-
The Upper West Side of Manhattan is 366,000 miles a year on Columbus Avenue.
San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom said that a better parking system is part of a broader approach to managing traffic congestion without charging restrictive tolls,For Mr.
The biggest challenge is to replace the aging infrastructure of cities.
\"I can still recognize every traffic signal when I watch\" Vertigo . \"
Newsom, refers to 50-
Hitchcock film, year old.
SFpark, part of the last two yearsyear $95.
5 million the plan is intended to clear the arteries of the city and will also make it possible for the city to adjust its parking time and price.
For example, parking can be extended in the evening for longer visits to restaurants.
City planners want to make sure that at any time,-
The occupancy rate of street parking is no more than 85%.
This strategy is based on Mr. \'S research.
Shoup estimates that drivers looking for roadside parking account for 30% of traffic in the central business district.
In a small business district in Los Angeles, he studied for more than a year, creating the equivalent of 38 trips around the world for cars cruising for parking. Burn 47,000 gallons of gasoline and produce 730 tons of carbon dioxide.
Installation Market-
San Francisco\'s toll parking system uses a system designed by a tram, a small technology company that uses a wireless sensor technology called \"Smart Dust, the technology was pioneered by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley.
It lets city parking officersto-
Date information on whether the parking space is occupied or vacant.
Embedded sensors will also pass congestion information to city planners by monitoring the speed of traffic on city streets.
The core of the system is embedded in 4-inch-by-4-
An inch of plastic stuck on the sidewalk near each parking space.
This device, known as \"raised\", is battery operated and is intended to last for five years and ten years without service.
From the streets, bumps form a wireless internet signal network that transmits data to the central management office near the San Francisco City Hall.
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Streetline\'s technology will display open parking spaces on the website that can be accessed via wireless devices such as smartphones.
They are also developing a lowcost battery-
Can remind the driver to turn on the operating street display of the parking space nearby.
The San Francisco project is part of a more ambitious sensor network that will use technology to deliver a range of services.
It will be possible to monitor air quality and deploy noise sensors as a sentry for everything from gunshots to car crashes.
Advocates claim that wireless sensor technology is now very cheap and reliable and is practical for basic urban services.
\"More broadly, we are building an operating system for the city that allows you to talk or control with all the inanimate objects to reduce costs and improve the quality of the city\'s services, \"Todd Dykstra, chief executive of street line, the company responsible for providing wireless sensor technology to San Francisco, said. Mr.
According to Newsom, San Francisco will support sensor technology and expand it to the entire city.
Street and parking in 2010.
\"No one has ever experienced the pain of finding parking spaces, using natural gas, wasting time and generating greenhouse gases multiple times in the neighborhood,\" he said . \".
\"It\'s going to expand into people\'s awareness to a point where the public will ask for more.
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View the smartphone.
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