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chinese woman’s detective work foils airbnb ‘superhost’ who installed hidden camera in bedroom

by:KJTDQ     2020-05-21
A man in eastern China put a hidden camera in his rented bedroom.
Sharing platform Airbnb was exposed when receiving a woman who recognized the device.
Her expertise allowed her to find the camera and call the police, who were detained for 20 days.
He was listed as a \"super host\" on the platform, and an experienced host was considered a shining example, but police found that he had been filming his guests since the parade.
The woman, who is not her real name on the Internet, told Beijing Youth Daily that she works on the Internet and information security and often checks hotel rooms.
Last Wednesday night, when she arrived at the men\'s apartment in Qingdao, Shandong province, she quickly discovered something unusual, she said.
\"I found a motion sensor monitor at the entrance of the apartment, two in the two bedrooms, which is strange because the apartment is not smart-
\"Home automation,\" she said.
\"I put the sensors against the wall and covered them with stickers.
She went on to check the smoke detectors and TVs that were often used to place hidden cameras and cut off the power to the TV.
When she picked up the router facing the bed, she found a lamp that looked unusual and suspected it to be a hidden camera.
\"I checked it carefully and found that the line arrangement was different from the usual one,\" she said . \".
By comparing the router to the product picture, she realized that it had been modified before unscrewing the router and finding the digital memory card internally.
\"I called the police immediately after I found the card,\" she said . \".
\"They came and took the equipment.
\"She did not return to the apartment, which accommodated many guests and cost her 1,700 yuan (RM1,043)for a three-night stay.
She said that she had not met the host in person and communicated with him online with the check-in and WiFi password.
Airbnb said the man\'s apartment had moved from the platform.
\"We sincerely apologize to our customers and remove the apartment from the apartment list,\" an Airbnb spokesperson told Beijing Youth Daily . \".
The spokeswoman said that when the woman called the police, she had contacted the company and refunded her money.
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