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chips with everything: home security

by:KJTDQ     2020-05-06
All the hippest gadgets reviewed by Robert ulig **
Circuit TV based on webcam technology has become a home security tool that was once a patent for wealthy people who can afford it.
This is the first CCTV system in China with electric pan and tilt motion, connected to any TV with scart socket through the control box (
Found on most suits under 10 years old).
Press the button and the TV will show what the camera controlled by the phone can see.
It is equipped with a 17-meter-long cable and infrared LEDs to improve night vision, but don\'t expect this to have much impact on the system that costs £ 99. 99.
Micromark also produces wireless (though fixed) versions.
There are three wireless sensors (
Two motion sensors and one contact sensor for windows or doors)
, BT\'s system is especially suitable for homeowners who lack DIY skills, or for properties that hide periods where any lines are complex.
However, the way to control the system from the internet is very smart.
Each installation has its own website on which you can access your home anytime, anywhere via the Internet or decide what action to take if the alarm rings
This is useful if you want to ignore the intrusion at a specific time of day.
You can call or email up to three contacts whenever an alarm rings, and you can add up to 25 sensors, including smoke, water and gas detectors.
The cost of the basic system is 150, plus the monitoring fee of 5 per month after the first three months.
A friend came back from a bank holiday and found his house stolen, inspired by this week\'s round
Family Safety gadgets.
According to the Ministry of the Interior, burglary cases increased between October and last March, and the office said deterrence was the best form of protection.
Seeing an alarm or suspicion that the house is occupied is more effective than physical obstacles (such as a bar on a window or a better lock.
The attraction of the Secura intelligent monitoring system is that it is all in a box, does not require wiring, and brings a personal feeling to protect your family.
Using a subacoustic sensor, it detects a change in air pressure when the door or window is open.
It comes with a wireless smoke detector and an alarm button, but these are not needed if you only need an anti-theft alarm.
If the sensor or emergency button is activated, it must be inserted into the basic unit of the telephone landline, automatically calling a monitoring center where staff trained in first aid will provide advice or alert emergency services.
Staff can also ask the residents at home loudly to determine if the invasion was a false alarm.
£ 150 per month plus £ 20 monitoring costs are more expensive than some other systems. However, this includes up to £ 500 for instant repairs to ensure home safety after burglary, fire, storm damage, water pipe burst, boiler failure during cold or key loss.
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