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classic marathon mouse logitech m705 review

by:KJTDQ     2020-05-28
From this article, you can review the classic Wireless Mouse Logitech m705 Marathon Wireless Mouse to learn how the wireless mouse has improved to this day.
The need to replace the battery or charge, which is called one of the biggest drawbacks of the wireless mouse.
It is true that many wireless mice have been used for a few months and need to change batteries for a maximum of one year. it is indeed a very troublesome thing.
As the King of keyboard and mouse, Logitech developed a new mouse Marathon M705 in 2009, which seems to have solved this problem.
This article will recall the classic products.
The size of Logitech marathon 05 is 110 × 70 × 41mm (
Length, width, height)
Weight 136 grams (
Battery, receiver included). The mass-
The tone tuning of Logitech M705 is usually used in dark gray, and the whole mouse is designed according to ergonomics and is suitable for the shape and size of the hand.
The left side of the M705 frame adds a sense of fashion.
From the back of the M705 we can clearly see the ergonomic elements, the left thumb is designed for the obvious arc, but also rubber material with small pits, soft, noslip, sweat.
Slightly tilted from right to left and when holding the mouse, more is the line posture.
The ring finger and small finger on the right are specially designed so that it can be placed in a more natural position.
It also uses rubber material, soft in texture and smooth in feel.
Logitech M705 has an indicator light in the central position, which is green at ordinary times, and red alerts when the battery is low.
Logitech M705 Wireless Mouse button Logitech M705 has seven buttons-left and right buttons, wheel mode buttons and three side buttons.
By coloring the light changes, you can clearly see that the left and right keys have a certain arc, and it is more comfortable to click the button.
The left and right keys are short in style, moderate in elasticity, and easier to click.
Logitech M705 dual
The mode roller, when scrolling the normal mode of the application that requires precise operation, can feel the obstacle more clearly.
After pressing the switch button behind the steering wheel, switch to Logitech\'s unique fast mode and scroll up without resistance for browsing long web pages or documents.
It also supports four.
Scroll in a way that makes it easier for you to browse web pages, images, etc.
You can press and hold the scroll wheel, zoom the page and images, etc.
There are three buttons on the left, forward, the back key at the top of the thumb position, not much drumming, unlikely to cause misuse, but a little less than the feeling of elasticity.
Another key is hidden at the bottom of your thumb and you can see a button marked with white rubber material right here, the process of the key is very short and feels very soft, it is very different from the wear and tear of ordinary keys.
For the role, it is the application switcher key.
So after you see the button for this hardware, we know that the Windows system will not collect the special driver files for the keyboard, especially the special driver files for Logitech products, so you can get the full Logitech Marathon Mouse m705 driver from here.
Let\'s take a look at the layout at the bottom of Logitech M705, whose special position sensors are located in the front right, and when controlling them, there will be some differences in the general position of the sensors in the middle of the mouse, it may take some time to adapt.
The sensor is positioned more accurately with Logitech 848 nano high performance laser engine.
The edge of the sensor is the \"m705\" model and gives a sign that it is a wireless mouse using unified technology.
The unified technology is that it can connect multiple unified devices with only one unified receiver connected to the computer (
Up to 6 connections at the same time, including mouse, keyboard, etc).
Logitech M705 has four legs to make the mouse move up more smoothly.
You can see that there is a small gap on the side of the leg, and if you use a long, worn-out stepping needle, you can easily remove the old pad foot with a new replacement.
The second part of Logitech M705 is a piece of battery at the bottom of the tank, which is unloaded and you can see that it requires two AA batteries to power.
As with several combined wireless devices, battery 05 has a USB receiver at the edge of the battery slot to receive the water tank, which is easy to carry.
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