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coming soon: a robot controlled by human brain cells

by:KJTDQ     2020-05-15
London: British scientists are working on a new robot that they claim will be controlled by a group of human brain cells.
According to the New Scientist, a team at the University of Reading has used rat brain cells to control a simple
Wheeled robots are now doing the same with human brain cells.
In fact, for robots with rat brain cells, 300,000 rodent neurons that grow in nutrient broth and produce electrical activity spikes are connected to the output of robot distance sensors.
It turns out that neurons are able to control the robot around a small shell.
According to scientists, observing the response of neuron cultures to stimuli can improve understanding of neurological diseases such as epilepsy.
In order to make the system a better model of human disease, once the current work with rat cells is completed, the culture of human neurons will be connected to the robot.
This will be the first example of human cells being used to control robots.
One of the purposes is to study any differences in robot behavior controlled by rat and human neurons.
\"We will try to find out if the learning aspect is similar to the memory,\" said team leader Kevin Warwick . \".
Scientists can continue to work as soon as they are ready because the use of human neuron cell lines does not require specific ethical approvals.
Team member Ben Whalley said this is because culture can buy, \"the ethical aspect of purchasing is done by buying their company \".
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