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geckosystems reveals ai sentience for home robots

by:KJTDQ     2020-04-19
GeckoSystems Reveals the artificial intelligence perception of Ga home robots. May 31, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)--
Through the otc pr line--
GeckoSystemsIntl. Corp. (
Pink Sheets: GOSY)(
Revealed today their first achievement in the world, providing an efficient, truly practical mobile home robot for home care.
For more than two decades, GeckoSystems has been working to develop \"AI mobile robot solutions for safety, security and services\"™.
\"Artificial intelligence perception, a machine\'s perception of its environment, and an appropriate common sense response to its dynamics and realities, has been pursued by AI researchers for decades.
Our artificial intelligence is within our own scope.
Contains a biological hierarchy that can invoke emergency behaviors that generate benefits, pet-
\"Just like the perception of improving the lifestyle of the home and other mobile service robot applications,\" said Martin Spencer, CEO of GeckoSystems . \".
The GeckoSuper™Manage the AI constellation to achieve a finished effect because the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.
Under the guidance of GeckoNav, artificial intelligence is the result of the combination of GeckoNav. ™, GeckoTrak™, GeckoImager™, GeckoChat™And geckoschedborg. ™.
In order for any accompanying robot to be effective in home care, it must be \"three-
Leg milk stool\" (1)
Avoid rapid human reflection time for moving and/or unmapped obstacles (GeckoNav): (2)
Speech Interaction (
GeckoChat: there is a sense of date and time (
Geckoschedborg :(3)
Can automatically find and track the specified party (
GeckoTrak: In this way, language interaction can be carried out continuously under the video and audio monitoring of the nursing recipient.
In the past year, the artificial intelligence robot system of some international market research companies and many internationalbillion-
Dollar company.
None of these reports have been sought or compensated in any way by anyone directly or indirectly involved in the company.
According to excellent Market Insight: by 2027, mobile robots as the global analysis and prediction of the service market as the main players in the operation of the service market in mobile robots include dedept Technology, Inc. , Aethon Inc.
GeckoSystems International Airport. Corp.
General Power Mission Systems
Honda Motor Company. , Ltd.
Kuka, Northrop Grumman, SoftBank Robotics and others.
Scale and analysis of global mobile robot market-
Forecast for Honda Motor Company Northrop Grumman 2025 Kuka, Ltd.
, SoftBankRobotics, iRobot, GeckoSystems International Airport. Corp.
, Lockheed Martin, Fort conburg, bluefin tuna robotics, Samsung ElectronicsPer research and market: mobile robot market
The Global Forecast 2023 report introduces the main players in the mobile robot market through market ranking analysis.
The outstanding player introduced in this report is Northrop Grumman (US), Honda Motor (Japan), SoftBank (Japan), iRobot (US),DJI (China)
Lockheed Martin (US)
Kongsberg Maritime (Norway), KUKA(Germany)
Bluefin tuna robotUS)
Samsung Electronics (South Korea), Parrot(France), 3DR (US), GeckoSystems (US), LG (South Korea)
Amazon robot (US)
Mayfair robot (US), Promobot (Russia)
Blue Frog robot (France), LEGO(Denmark)
And ECA Group (France).
Excerpts from their report: the software used in the robot system is basically a set of coding commands and a list of instructions that are programmed to the robot according to the tasks that the robot needs to complete.
Due to the advancement of technology, robot OEMs have begun to integrate data analysis platforms such as big data analysis and predictive analysis with robot systems.
The rapid growth of the software market can also be attributed to increased demand for mobile robots with automatic navigation and autonomous decision-making
Manufacturing capacity.
Business Intelligence: Service Robotics Market Outlook 2018-2024 key players such as Adept Technology, Inc. , Aethon Inc.
BluefinRobotics, Dow Jones industrial average, llaval International, Africa group, GeckoSystems International Airport. Corp. Honda Motor Company. , Ltd.
In the service robot market, the company portfolio, business strategy, financial overview, recent developments and market share across the industry are described in detail.
According to Insight Partners: by 2025, some of the leading key players in the smart robot market included: Aethon Inc.
Lely Group of IRobot.
Northrop Grumman company, Google Inc.
Intuitive Surgical Company
Honda Motor Company DeLaval Group. Ltd. , Amazon.
Bank card company ABB Limited, Fanuc Corp.
Eckosystems International Airport ECA GroupCorp.
YaskawaElectric Corp.
Skilled technology company.
Bluefin tuna robot
According to research and market: the robot market is expected to grow significantly at a rate of 2018 to 2023US), Honda Motor (Japan), iRobot (US), DJI (China), 3DR(US)
Intuitive Surgery (US)
Samsung Electronics (South Korea), Parrot(France), GeckoSystems (US)
Kongsberg Maritime (Norway), and DeLaval (Sweden)
Some major companies dominate the market for top service robots.
Excerpts from the report: In 2018, domestic applications are expected to occupy the largest share of the top service robot market.
The growing demand for domestic robots in applications such as vacuum cleaning and grass cutting is a key factor driving market growth.
However, the market for entertainment, education and personal applications is expected to grow at the highest rate during the forecast period.
More and more staff around the world are expected to need service robots to accompany the elderly and toddlers.
Given the above recognition of geckosystems AI acumbler\'s ranking in the world, it is not surprising that the company has made another extraordinary breakthrough in artificial intelligence.
More than 100 videos have recorded the evolution of the company\'s many proprietary AI inventions.
The website is: Third-
Party verification may be seen here: what did CareBot do with its machine perception?
OFamily created agency partners for home care because: repeated and common questions answered in general: where are we going today?
Did anyone come over today?
OFamily customizes a timely verbal reminder: oTells family anecdote, as long as the quantity is appropriate and type the drug with oral confirmationg.
Recite favorite Bible verses, etc.
Upcoming events such as doctor appointments, family gatherings, TV shows, church events, etc.
OPlays word games, riddles and other memory exercises the time of oTime of day, day of day, date of month, set up the favorite music of oPlays ther as frequently as possible, as safe as possible as a pet dog or cat, keep track of them smoothly from room to room for virtual companionship, automatic \"situation\" and/or emergency notice nearby, simple video/audio monitoring and virtual access for the oHome trial test never hit anything because it automatically tracks the designated people and reminds them often, you care about them when you look after them for you. OVoice is customized by authorized family members and omovement is very elegant;
Never sudden or amazing little wild computer intelligence that is needed by vulnerable parents, children, you can find family in their home anytime, anywhere through any web browser: say quickly, easily and quietly, if you choose oVideo chat for virtual access, oSmart phone management when/if you choose to let them know how much you care about them and are following them, so that all home word processing skills can automatically operate o100 % without assistance, careBot: If you and/or the designated party: OHave dropped the oAsk and asked for help loudly, oHave left the houses)
OHave intruder or other unexpected visitor oHave smoke and/or fire auto charge 7/24 safe oNon-
Outdated design: electronics and software upgradable \"The company continues to seek joint ventures, licensing agreements, and the construction and sale of mobile service robots, a business strategy for decades.
Over the past year, the company has initiated and continued discussions with machine learning companies, electric wheelchair dealers, control system labs, etc.
With our suite of ofAI mobile robot solutions, more cost-effective, practical Mobile robots are viable and have now joined GeckoSuper.
I am also pleased that our capabilities and strengths are recognized as the mobile service robotics industry begins to deliver real products to the market.
Spencer concluded: \"Our 1300 shareholders can continue to believe that we expect to sign a number of licensing agreements to further confirm and describe the net profit GeckoSystems will earn to further enhance shareholder value and investment
About Quality Market Insight: about global market estimates: About Research and Markets: about Qurate Business Intelligence: About Insight Partners: About GeckoSystems: GeckoSystems has been developed for more than 20 years
Improving people\'s lives through artificial intelligence Robotics is the dream of CEO Martin Spencer.
Remote AI research program: the company\'s plan addresses many of the same security, ethical and ethical issues of Google\'s advanced DeepMind AI program, but from a different perspective.
This artificial intelligence research and development plan aims to design pseudo
Cognitive mobile robot systems can monitor and demonstrate some of the human activity, not all, but many, specific forms of understanding in order to \"infer\" what common sensory behavior responses will benefit people.
Many of the lower-level basic requirements are within the capabilities of the AImobile service robots of geckosystems (MSR)
Cooperation between solutions and personal care.
Pseudo target-
Cognitive MSR is to provide context
For example, adaptive active support for elderly care recipients and/or individuals with specific forms of moderate to mild health problems, whether short-term or chronic.
The Company believes that the integration of diverse forms of diverse environments and human physiology and perception systems will enable caregivers and care recipients to achieve a higher level of active autonomy and adaptive interaction, thus serving both caregivers and care recipients
This advanced research and development of artificial intelligence will provide
Cognitive artificial intelligence engine capable of performing a set of advanced auxiliary actions not provided in the current state-of-the-art approaches.
The sensor-rich MSR has powerful data acquisition capability, which can realize reliable prediction and analysis, so as to realize useful machine intelligence.
This is much more difficult than a commercial enterprise AI engine like Watson, because the \"answer\" has to be available in a \"timely\" manner in any case encountered by the 7/24 care MSR. Proactive-
The auxiliary task required for autonomous mobile, that is, automatic execution of emergency robot behavior based on context
Specific monitoring and situational awareness, including AI initiating proximity to patients, tracking them in close-up but safe situations, and providing timely cooperative assistance anytime, anywhere (e. g.
When fatigue is observed)
Or wait in the stands.
Through the mode near carerecevier, provide timely support when needed.
By this time, most readers will realize that these tasks are much more difficult than what is called self-driving or self-driving.
Drive a car, drone or get and/or deliver MSRs.
The main scientific contributions of this study are, but are not limited to, these areas:
Modal AI enhancements and merge sensor data analysis/synthesis systems that capture, integrate, process, and abstract: 1.
Different sensor data clouds, such as: a.
Machine vision integration explains visible and non-visibleVisible light B.
I\'m looking for a range. LIDAR ii. Ultrasound iii. Infrared (IR)
Passive and active iv. and time-of-flight (TOF)depth cameras (range finders)c. Haptic (
Touch and fortune telling)d.
Voice: voice tone, rhythm, etc. e.
Smell of gas, smoke, etc. f.
Location and direction I.
Microcomputer electro-acceleration meter ii.
Solid-state compasses iii. GPS g.
Human physiological sensors on human state and activity
Pulse, blood pressure, oxygen level, blood sugar level, etc.
. In order to quickly detect, identify and respond to the appropriate and timely half of the regular humanhealth country
Professional level like response.
Integrate the above examples and capabilities in context-aware(
Machine awareness of human dynamics and state)
An AI robot control architecture with the ability to perceive, which will combine contextual reasoning and planning on Assisted Robot actions and behaviors, guide robot institutions to provide near optimal response and provide cost-effective
In the absence of immediate human intervention, the provision of appropriate assistance to nursing recipients is good for millions of people.
Obviously, the implicit security of all participants and users of this advanced machine perception and autonomy must be deeply rooted.
This is the main task of this AI research: foreseeable and unforeseen human use security in all cases.
The company has long been committed to machine perception: finding the path for robot companions for the care of the elderly™Through R.
Martin Spencer, President/CEO of GeckoSystems, Inc.
In December 16, 2004, Japan and many other academic institutions worked on all aspects of creating robotic partners for home care, and no one integrated multiple behaviors into a single architecture, enables various behaviors to be modified and interacted in a way that allows any form of feeling to appear.
The feeling here refers to the combination of some useful common sense levels, such as computer hardware and advanced artificial intelligence software that has practical benefits for providers and care recipients.
The first basic behavior that any Mobile Service Robot Needs (MSR)
Is in vain, is capable of automatic self
Walking through the crowd without human control or interventione.
Dynamic environment.
This is often referred to as the level of autonomy for \"loose crowds.
GeckoSystems, Inc. (GSI)
Developed this set of technologies called GeckoNav™.
The second basic behavior required to continue to develop a robot companion is the ability of language interaction, I . E. e. a non-
Computer interface control for MSR.
This means that an artificial intelligence leaf, or engine, is spoken ,(Behavior set)
Speech recognition must be carried out reliably, using natural language processing to determine the words and/or phrases that are said, calling the meaning (
Action to be taken)
Use an expert system to extract from these predetermined words and phrases, and then make a speech synthesis for the MSR to express and/or physically respond to what it \"hears.
GSI developed this flap.
It\'s calleddgeckochat. ™.
The third basic behavior required is that all the foundations of the geckosystems MSR biological layered system architecture have a sense of time.
Simply put, this is the implementation of the date and time and whether certain tasks need to be performed.
These tasks may be physical (
Such as patrol or follow-up care receiver in errandrunning)
Of or in combination with language. The user (
By or under the direction of the caregiver)
It must be as important as the child must at some point be taught to do certain tasks, initially programming time-sensitive events.
This behavior has been formed by GSI.
It\'s called geckoschedborg. ™.
The slightly higher behavior is to keep the MSR close to the itspredeed or the specified target.
This can be done by staying within a few feet of the care receiver, even though they are walking around the house, or by staying on patrol in a business environment to find intruders.
This was developed under the name of GeckoTrak. ™.
The reader may now realize that many absurd acts can now arise from the mixed chaos of the above-mentioned acts.
Thehome may be full of smoke, for example, but geckoschedowski can be quoted as GeckoChat (
Put together as an agency short filmterm memory)
Remind the care recipients that they need to take certain drugs (s)
Or do some medical tests, such as blood sugar, heart rate, etc.
So the supervisor or superego needs to apply some common sense to this confusing situation.
In the biological layered artificial intelligence architecture of GSI, this is called GeckoSuper™.
This is the highest level of behavior where the expert system \"reasoning engine\" is located.
In GeckoSuper, gsi msr can be programmed or \"stamped\" with the primary prerequisite that human beings are not allowed to be harmed, whether they are acting or not, and that they are not allowed to be
Through some reflection, the reader will understand that the interaction of several major, minor and upper-level behaviors discussed here will result in many possible emergency behaviors.
Many in the AI community believe that the will or pre-programming to protect others and self is at the heart of AI machines.
The author understands that the initial level of perception will be very low.
Still, the MSR for safety, security and services in akoster-
The effective price will enable thousands of users to enjoy the benefits of robot partners with minimal \"common sense.
Personal note from the CEO to our shareholders: \"We have no plans to increase the authorized shares, make a reverse split or restructure GOSY so that hundreds of GOSY longs are adversely affected.
We will return the current information.
Due to his alleged illegal activities, the AS has now reached its climax. Neil T.
Wallace represents himself and his mother who died in World War II. Wallace. (
It seems to be a legal veil for herson\'s unjust enrichment program, which deliberately abuses appropriate legal procedures to obtain unnecessary economic benefits. )Mr.
Wallace\'s bluff on the Internet does not explain anything.
He\'s a disgruntled ex.
Part-time employees for the company-
In less than six months, his work was terminated on 2007.
Since then, he has done everything he can to destroy GeckoSystems by bringing numerous lawsuits and slanderous companies and me on the Internet.
At present, the only lawsuit is between me and my husband.
Not the company, Wallace.
He filed a counterclaim in the Rockdale County High Court, and for more than a year he evaded the oath of these counterclaims.
The judge fined him $500 in contempt.
00 evade oath answer many times.
Now, the judge has authorized me to file a second trial procedure for the gentleman.
Wallace answered completely again after taking the oath.
One of the eight counterclaims is RICO (racketeering)
I think this is Mr.
Wallace vowed not to answer these questions.
In other words, Sir.
Wallace didn\'t have a legal advantage for me as he wanted others to believe.
He found himself in a defensive position again and was ordered to kill by the court.
If he continues his illegal resistance, he may face more sanctions and may be imprisoned.
Mr. benlake filed a counterclaim.
Wallace is my personal because I know and believe that as a legal liar,
Not only is Wallace in Delaware, but now in Georgia it has been a legitimate legal process for more than a decade, which is not good for my personal economy, but also brings millions of dollars to our hundreds of off-site investors
As a legitimate corporate entity, GeckoSystems did not work with Mr.
Wallace, or any other party or party, was not expected at this time.
\"RMSContact information: main number: 1 678-413-9236Fax: 1 678-413-
9247 Website: Source: GeckoSystems International Airport. Corp.
Contact: Martin martcersafe Harbor: in addition to historical facts, the statement in this press release regarding financial matters is \"forward-
Outlook statement \"within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities Trading Act of 1934, the term is in the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995\"
The company intends to present its future expectations, including future revenue and earnings, technical efficiency and all other future statements-
Therefore, forward-looking statements are subject to the security ports created.
The company is a stage of development that continues to rely on external capital to survive.
Because these statements (
Future operating results and sales)
Involving risk and uncertainty, changes may occur at any time, and the actual results of the company may differ significantly from the expected results.
Photo accompanying this announcement can be atGeckoBlue logo (1).
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