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[good news] congratulations to kaikit for passing ISO9001 certification!

[good news] congratulations to kaikit for passing ISO9001 certification!


On December 26, 2018, KJT successfully passed the audit of iso9001:2015 quality management system, showing that KJT's quality management level has reached a new level, reached the international standard requirements, and obtained the license to the world indoor environment purification and treatment market. The establishment and operation of iso9001:2015 quality management system will provide sufficient market growth space for the company's product development, help the company improve the product and process quality, and promote the company's Global trade.



In the future,KJT will strictly implement the quality management system and rules and regulations, further optimize and standardize the management systems, continuously improve the effectiveness of the system operation, continue to actively explore, strive to make the enterprise management system work to a new high, and lay the foundation for the realization of comprehensive scientific management. Provide high quality products and services for safety industry! Thank you for your trust and support!


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