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[Good news] Nanjing Institute of Technology joins hands with Kaijit to establish an “off-campus practical education base”

[Good news] Nanjing Institute of Technology joins hands with Kaijit to establish an “off-campus practical education base”


In order to deepen school-enterprise cooperation, guide and encourage young students to go deep into society, actively participate in practice, undergo training in practice, serve the society, and build a school-enterprise cooperation service platform. Nanjing Institute of Technology and Nanjing KJT Electric Co., Ltd. cooperate to establish an "off-campus practical education base". Up on January 2, 2020

Figure 1 Nanjing Institute of Technology

Before the awarding ceremony, Zheng Bin, general manager of Nanjing KJT Electric Co., Ltd., led the leaders of Nanjing Institute of Technology to visit the company's exhibition hall, workshop, R&D department, etc., and demonstrated a series of innovative achievements KJT has achieved in the field of technological R&D.

Figure 2-4 General Manager Zheng Bin and leaders of Nanjing Institute of Technology visited the company’s exhibition hall, workshop, 

R&D department, etc.

At the ceremony, Manager Zheng welcomed the leaders and introduced in detail the company's development trends, prospects, 

talent training concepts and corporate culture. The two parties conducted in-depth discussions on multi-dimensional cooperation between schools and enterprises, 

hoping to take this opportunity to continuously pool advantageous resources, establish a strategic partnership of "win-win cooperation and common development", 

and work together to cultivate more comprehensive applications that meet the needs of social development. Talent.

Figure 5 Medal awarding ceremony

This licensing ceremony marks the further deepening of school-enterprise cooperation, realizing the organic combination and optimal allocation of school-enterprise resources, and building a practical platform for students to understand the grassroots, serve the society, broaden their horizons, and grow their talents. Social practice is an important part of cultivating talents. Social practice can promote the organic combination of theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge. It is of extremely important significance for students to understand society, experience public opinion, grow their talents, enhance their feelings with the masses, and enhance their sense of social responsibility.

Figure 6 Zheng Bin, General Manager of Nanjing KJT Electric Co., Ltd.

In the new year and the new beginning, KJT will continue to bring better products to our customers with excellent product quality, sincere service attitude, and professional R&D spirit! 

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