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ir proximity sensor.

by:KJTDQ     2020-04-20
In this project I will explain how to make a simple IR proximity sensor using IR LEDs LM358 dual Op-
Amp and some basic electronic components that you can find in any local electronics store.
IR represents infrared, which is a kind of light at a wavelength that cannot be seen by the human eye, but the camera can see it.
It is used in many applications such as TV remote control and night time. vision cameras.
In proximity sensors, obstacles are found using infrared LEDs and photodiodes.
When in front of the obstacle, the infrared LED transmits light forward, light reflection, and the photoelectric diode is activated by this method to detect the obstacle.
Online on have many IR module price cheap about for 200 200 or 2 dollar-3 .
It can be used for obstacle avoidance robot or line follower robot.
In this Instructure I will show you how to make a simple IR proximity module that costs about 50-60or about $1.
These parts are easy to buy in any e-store and are very cheap, or you can refer to the link I provided. Once all the components are collected, we can go to the next step. . .
Connect according to the circuit diagram, refer to the pic, so that it is easier to copy the design on the bread board.
First insert IC in the breadboard.
Next connection PIN number
4 of the IC pair and pin number8 to +5v .
Connect Pin number now2 to Ground . (
If you need to set the sensitivity of the receiver, then you can add a variable resistance of 10k Ohms to it.
Connect the left Terminal to the ground, connect the right terminal to 5v and connect the Central Terminal to the PIN number
2 IC, can now use variable resistance to change the sensitivity)
Now connect its ve terminal/anode with a white LED (longer lead)to pin no. 1 of the IC.
And connect a resistance of 100/150 ohms-
Ve terminal/cathode (short lead)
And connect the other end of the resistor to the ground.
Get ir led now and connect its anode/ve terminals to 5v and cathode /-
The Ve terminal is grounded through a 100/150 ohm resistor.
Now connect the second ir led in reverse bias.
Connect its cathode /-
Ve terminals to 5v and connect their anode/ve terminals to ground through a 15k ohm resistor.
Once the receiver ir led is connected, connect the wire from the pin number
IC of receiver ir led and 3 of anode.
With this, the connection is complete and the circuit is ready to be powered with a 6v battery.
The LED turns off when you power the circuit, but when you put your hand on the infrared LEDs, the white LEDs glow.
If not, please re-check all connections and try again.
The sensor is available for many projects.
Once it\'s done and tested, you can weld it to the PCB and make a small module like the one sold online.
It can be used for robots or line follower robots.
It is even suitable for applications such as motion detection.
I have made it for the line follower bot and will also post a tutorial on it.
Hopefully this is useful and informative.
Please feel free to ask if you have any questions. Thank you. . .
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