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it\'s big, it\'s bad and its luxury driving the 2016 chevrolet suburban

by:KJTDQ     2020-05-25
It\'s big, it\'s bad, it knows.
What combination, right?
Well, this is 2016 Chevy suburb, and in my case I drove four-
Wheel drive for half ton LTZ version.
Needless to say, people did see me coming.
Even better, you can also attract up to eight closest friends in the right decoration configuration.
The suburbs offer excellent traction, cargo space and passenger loads, and since the journey is also quiet, you can hear everyone in the car talking.
The 2016 Chevrolet suburb does not use the crossover brand, which is a pure all-size SUV.
There are three rows behind the third row that are very comfortable and even more space if you need.
In full competition-
The size of the SUV market includes Lincoln Navigator, Ford Expedition and Toyota Sequoia.
Of course, there are some big crosses, but they are not the same in this market.
Chevrolet Suburban LS, LT and top have three decorative levelsof-the-
Luxury LTZ series.
In some seat configurations, you can only accommodate 8 to 9 people, but in LS you can accommodate 9 passengers, or the chair configuration of the captain can accommodate only 7 passengers.
LS base has 18-
Inch alloy wheels, rear privacy glass, roof rails, rear parking sensors and heated folding mirrors.
You can start the suburbs remotely, and once behind the steering wheel you have electric front seats, leather wrapped steering wheels and mirrors.
From 110-easy to operate
OnStar system and volt power outlets for Chevrolet MyLink and five USB ports.
To upgrade the basic decoration, select the driver alarm package with multiple security features such as power supply
Lane adjustable pedal
Departure Warning and vibration warning seat.
There is also a maximum trailer package for heavy transport needs.
On LT, you will get good things to remind the base and driver, as well as an electric lift door, leather inside and a heated front seat.
Luxury package extra fog light, parking sensor, manual on LT
Free electric lift door and folding mirror, as well as the second one to heat the steering wheel and heatingrow seats.
The seats in the second and third rows are electrically folded and sound like a navigation, a sun, entertainment and destination pack, and the addition of sunroof and entertainment systems means you don\'t even have to leave your SUV.
Extra Z71 Off-
The road package means you can even use 18-
Inch wheels and off-
Road tires, skateboards, tractors and downhill.
For LTZ, you can get everything from LT, including luxurious packaging, as well as unique decoration, larger wheels, adaptive maglev, not only heating, but also front seats with air conditioning. The high-
End LTZ can also add Sun, entertainment and destination packs or Max trailer packs, in which case 22-
Inch wheels and retractable running boards.
The 2016 Chevy suburb under the hood is a six
Speed automatically with 5. 3-
355 hp 383 lb V8feet of torque.
You can also choose from two or four wheel drive models.
This Chevrolet comes with a trailer and you can drag 6,300 pounds with bothwheel-
With four-wheel drive and 6,000 pounds-wheel drive.
Don\'t forget the Max trailer package as this will give you another 2,000 pounds of the cost of the trailer.
Safety equipment includes standard anti-lock disc brakes, traction and stability control, front
Seat side and full-
Side curtain airbag.
Rear view cameras, rear parking sensors, and all OnStar systems have also become standard configurations.
If that\'s not enough, you can add the front parking sensor, the front collision alarm, the driveway-
Warning of departure, even blindOn-site monitoring.
I don\'t need to tell you that the Chevy suburb is big, but it is also comfortable as a driver or passenger.
You will get a luxurious feeling with quality material inside, high according to the decoration
It makes you feel like a member of the royal family.
The knobs and dials are easy to use, and it is easy to see what you need to do when driving during the day or at night, with an infotainment screen of 8 inch.
All seats are in use and you have 38 seats left.
9 cubic feet, you get 76 cubic feet when you remove the third row.
The 7 cubic feet, or the second and third seats are folded up, which is a 121 seat.
Transport space worth 1 cubic feet.
Suburban is a simple drive, quiet, quiet, strong and you don\'t want power when you push the accelerator at a higher speed.
I can sit behind a car that I feel safe driving, and I may not feel comfortable in the 2016 Chevy suburb.
For revelation, you have a suburban friend and for powerful driving, you will feel very relaxed in this luxurious beast.
Miles per gallon: on the 2016-kilometer Chevy suburb 4WD LTZ, I traveled 15 miles per gallon and 22 miles on the city highway.
Cost: The price of the 2016 Chevrolet Suburban 4WD ltz I was driving was $72,735.
For more car tips and information, see Rita @ ritacook13.
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