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it’s official! backup cameras are now on all new cars

by:KJTDQ     2020-05-27
If you are buying a new car and it does not have a spare camera and there is no additional cost of functionality, then it was built by Tuesday.
When safety devices become standard for all vehicles in the US market.
Normalization is part of the United States. S.
Ministry of Transport (DOT)
Regulations issued in 2014, although Peter Kurdock, deputy general counsel for road and car safety advocates, said efforts to set standards for backup cameras began with George W. Bush
Bush is president.
\"It took us 10 years to get them on the bus,\" Kurdock told the car and the driver . \".
The group consists of property and casualty insurance companies and consumer advocates --
Shorthand advocates know-
In conjunction with other safety and consumer groups, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
In 2013, it was claimed that federal agencies were not doing enough to standardize equipment.
In 2014, NHTSA stipulated that all new cars must install these devices as of May 1, 2018.
Consumers and other consumers
The security organization wants to see all cars equipped with other advanced equipment
Security technologies such as automation
Emergency Braking (AEB)with forward-
Blind collision alarm
On-site warning, lane-
Departure Warning
20 automakers have promised to meet the AEB standard by 2022;
This technology has already taken a prominent position in the lineup of many automakers, such as Mercedes Benz.
Mercedes, Volvo and Toyota are leading the way.
But advocates and others want industry.
The broad normalization of these security features is coming soon.
Highway Safety Insurance Association (IIHS)
The group says the rear brakes reduce reversing
Gear collision of 62%, AEB and forward-
Frontal Collision Warning-
50%, blind end wreckage-
Lane reduction-
Change accident 14%, lane-
Departure warning list-
Vehicle side slip towel and head-
Crash 11%.
Meanwhile, supporters say regulations on spare cameras should help consumers save some money on many new cars that were previously optional.
Kurdock noted that the backup camera is sometimes bundled with parking aids and other sensors --
The activated function, or the camera is involved in a more expensive luxury package with unrelated items such as leather seats.
For those who do not have this function of the car, the after-sales system can be modified;
For a full suite with an LCD screen, the price ranges from $100 to $200.
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