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KJTDQ sensor switch factory for packaging machinery

KJTDQ sensor switch factory for packaging machinery
  • KJTDQ sensor switch factory for packaging machinery

KJTDQ sensor switch factory for packaging machinery

KJTDQ inductive proximity sensor design is designed and manufactured by using the advanced technology.
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Enterprise Strength
  • With the highest sincerity and the best attitude, KJT strives to provide consumers with satisfactory services in line with their real needs.
Product Comparison
Sensor Switch has the following advantages: well-chosen materials, reasonable design, stable performance, excellent quality, and affordable price. Such a product is up to the market demand.KJT's Sensor Switch has better quality than other products in the industry, which is specifically shown in the following aspects.
Company Advantages
1. KJTDQ inductive proximity sensor design is designed and manufactured by using the advanced technology.
2. The product is not inclined to have safety issues. It is designed with a protection system to guard against any electric problems such as leakage, overload, and overheat.
3. The product is stable enough. It utilizes grooves and interlocking steel pins for positive alignment of adjacent track sections and has been reinforced overhead by drop rod brackets.
4. People can rest assured that this product is not likely to cause any health problems due to electromagnetic waves, such as affecting the human circulatory system, immune system, and reproductive and metabolic functions.
5. This product is great for one reason, it has the ability to mold to the sleeping body. It is suitable for people’s body curve and has guaranteed to protect the arthrosis furthest.

Company Features
1. KJTDQ Sensor has always been synonymous with high-end sensor switch products in China.
2. Our manufacturing team consists of experienced experts. Whether as a standard solution or a custom solution, they produce high-quality products with high sensitivity every day.
3. Our vision is to develop best-in-class product solutions that help customers achieve more. Together with the ethical principles, it guides us in our everyday actions. Get info! We are not a company that only focuses on self-development. Besides business development, we try our best to donate money, products, or even services to our society.
Product Description
Switch parameters
temperature range 70W
maximum voltage
temperature range
Switch for the imported dry reed pipe
breakdown voltage
Small flow start, big flow work
Max current
Start flow rate can be adjusted 
load current
Max A
Start flow rate can be 
contact resistance
One-way control, prevent backwater
Insulation Resistance
Industrial control and water treatment of good assistant
temperature range
Other specifications and wiring length can be made to order
Examination requirement
Product Features 
Vertical installation, float up and down by the activities drive the permanent magnets with dry reed pipe the output signal switch
Copper/ Brass
Gravity quay
Startup flow rate
Maximum stream flow
Operating pressure
Max pressure
Operating temperature

The principle of operation

Flow switch is the presence or absence of flow through the output switch control signal to the water sensor switch, the main switch signal. Divided into specific types normally open and normally closed type, in the main water control work flow monitoring role to play. Water flow switch and relay use with the usual components of the water control system, easy to use, no power is the flow switch on.


Mainly used for water heater, boiler, water dispensers, coffee machines, hot card machines, steam equipment, water system, the campus card sales, selling self-help water systems, water treatment equipment, cooling systems, mechanical equipment, instrumentation, pharmaceutical equipment.

Water flow switch Installation instructions

1, flow switch installation environment to avoid strong vibration, and shaking with the local magnetic environment, in order to avoid the flow switch malfunction. In order to avoid particles, debris into the water flow switch must be installed in the inlet filter.

2, when the magnetic material close to the water flow switch, its characteristics may change.

3, flow switches, relays must be compatible with use, as less power reed switch (typically 10W and 70W) easy to burn. Relay maximum power 3W, 3W power will be greater than the normally open and normally closed phenomenon.

Routine maintenance

Periodically clear the guide rod and float on the dirt (as the media cycle may be).

Check for the loose buckle.
KJTDQ inductive proximity sensor design is developed under scientific guidance. The structure of electrodes and solution, reversibility during the electrode reaction, electromigration are all taken into consideration. The lifespan of non woven weed block mat can last 2 years
The quality of KJTDQ inductive proximity sensor design is guaranteed by the workmanship assessment. It will be evaluated in terms of its electromotive force, capacity, specific energy, and resistance. Non woven weed block mat is packed with paper tube inside and heat shrink film outside with anti-UV additive
The electric performance test of KJTDQ inductive proximity sensor design is conducted at the quality inspection stage. The main electrical performance index such as capacity, internal resistance, lifespan, and short circuit protection will be tested by the QC team. Our non woven place mat is water-proof, oil-proof, non-toxic and easy to clean
Some designated equipment is used in the production of KJTDQ sensor switch. It will be tested under test instruments: universal meter, internal resistance tester, and specific cell tester. The extra wide non woven fabric, the garden weed control fabric and the flower wrapping fabric have been highly recognized by customers
KJTDQ inductive proximity sensor design goes through a series of performance evaluation. It is assessed in terms of its safety performance in use, environmental adaptability, and electrical performance. The lifespan of non woven weed block mat can last 2 years
The product is of flexibility. Unlike some batteries which need to be placed in the upright position, it can operate in any position and offer good impact tolerance. The fabric is water-proof and biodegradable
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