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Manufacturing Indonesia 2019

Manufacturing Indonesia 2019


Meet you in Jakarta


Exhibitor:Nanjing KJT Electric Co.,ltd

Time:DEC 4-7,2019

Place:Jakarta International ExpoKemayoran



Dear clients:

Nanjing KJT invite you to attend 2019 Manufacturing Indonesia.

Manufacturing Indonesia is the international manufacturing exhibition in southeast Asia with a long history of more than 20 years.In terms of scale, it is the largest manufacturing exhibition in the local and also the most professional manufacturing exhibition in Indonesia. It is honored as one of the top 20 manufacturing exhibitions in the world.

The last exhibition had 2123 exhibitors from 36 countries and regions, 26 countries and groups (79% from abroad), with an exhibition area of 36,500squaremeters.36164 visitors including related experts,manufacturers,distributors,purchasers,came fromChina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Cuba, the Czech republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, South Korea,North Korea, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Russia, Slovenia, South Africa, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Swedish, Turkey, Thailand, the UK, the United States and other countries or regions.

This December,Nanjing KJT would be in Jakarta with you to discuss the sensors technology and solutions!

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