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motion sensor light

by:KJTDQ     2020-05-03
Electronic department of Biji-bijiBiji-
The electricity department is composed of its own.
We like to face challenges in designing and producing creative electronic devices and products that incorporate sustainability and open source principles.
We believe that electronic products can promote sustainable development.
By using intelligent systems and designs, we can reduce electricity consumption and improve efficiency.
In addition, we also believe that electronic products are interesting and simple.
In today\'s booming Internet and open source technologies, you don\'t need to know or do anything yourself.
Learn more about Biji
Biji: Website: step by step instructions for making motion sensor lights.
You also need: any transparent container.
Extra: Decorate your motion sensor lights into a piece of art with your creativity!
It can be downloaded from the following website: more simple instructions on how to make motion sensor lights, we color the bagels in different colors for easy understanding.
* You can refer to this photo.
First, use 4 jumpers (Male to Female)
With 3 jumpers (Male to Female)-
Jumper color: orange, brown, purple.
Prepare 4 jumpers (Male to Male)
Use it later. -
Color: red, green, blue, brown
Connect the Brown wire at \"GND\" on the Arduino and the Orange wire at \"3.
3V \"on Arduino and purple wire under digital 2 (
Number by Arduino code)on Arduino.
Now take your 2 ~ 2. 5cm (Male to Male)
The jumper is connected to the black place on the bread ring.
Connect the Arduino to the computer via a micro USB cable.
After the connection, the pwr led on the Arduino will be turned on.
Then upload your code to Arduino.
You can download the code from here: connect the DC Jack to the Arduino, then connect the power and power the motion sensor light!
Finally, put your motion sensor light into the container and decorate it!
This is an electronic schematic diagram of motion sensor lights.
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