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ultrasonic spider-sense

by:KJTDQ     2020-04-14
We all want to have a superpower.
But you may not want to expose yourself in order to get toxic chemicals or radiation.
Fortunately, we can approach some capabilities with a little bit of technology.
Spiders, for example
Humans have a \"spider sense\" that reminds him of the dangers nearby, and even in the dark, Daredevil\'s \"radar sense\" allows him to see nearby objects.
Using the ultrasonic distance sensor, we can feel how far the object is.
This will allow you to navigate in the dark, or you will find it when someone sneaks behind you.
Below is a video walkthrough of the project.
Here are the materials and tools needed for this project.
Material: Ultrasonic sensor Arduino micro controlleroptional)3V pager motor (optional)
The old top drive circuit part of the insulated wire: MOSFET transistor (
Such as the IRF510 power transistor)22 ohm resistance.
Thousand euros per month.
1 microfarad capacitor printed circuit board or Perf board tool: the first thing you need to decide on is how the system reminds you of the dangers that are coming.
There are many options to choose from.
Here are a few examples.
Sound: you can use a small piezoelectric buzzer to let you know how far something is.
With the Arduino\'s PWM output, you can change the tone of the buzzer to indicate how far it is.
You can easily hide these hum in your coat.
The disadvantage of the buzzer is that others nearby may also hear the buzzer.
So you might give up the fact that you know they\'re coming.
Led: led is probably the simplest indicator you can use.
They were silent and cautious.
They can be hidden in many places.
For example, you can hide LEDs under your sleeves.
The fabric of the thin cotton shirt will let you see them when the LEDs light up, but still cover them when they are not turned on.
The downside of this system is that you need to look at them in order to notice the alerts.
Vibration: you can activate the pager motor with the output of the sensor.
The main advantage of this option is that it is almost silent and does not require you to look in any specific direction.
This is also the most similar choice to Spider-Man\'s spider.
At the bottom of his skull is described as the feeling of \"tingling.
You can also combine multiple alarms together.
For example, you can have a buzzer alert you when someone first enters the sensor range.
This may prompt you to look at the LED display to see how far they really are.
The digital pins on Aduino can only output up to 40 mA (
It is recommended that you stay below 20 mA).
Many output devices need more operation than this.
For example, the pager motor needs to be between 50 mA and 200 mA.
If you want to use a higher power output device, you need to build some kind of external drive circuit.
Here is a simple example of a driving circuit.
The power supply for this circuit can be provided by 5v pins.
The 5v pin is directly connected to the voltage regulator that supplies power to the board.
Therefore, it can output much higher current than the digital pin.
Check the specifications of your board to get the exact number.
First make a prototype of everything on the breadboard.
Then I welded it to the perf board.
There are four pins on the ultrasonic sensor (
GND, Vcc, NC and SIG).
The GND is connected to the GND pin on the Arduino.
The Vcc is connected to the 5v pin on the Arduino.
No connection to NC.
SIG is connected to the digital output pin on Arudino.
This ultrasonic sensor comes with a short female-to-female connector cable.
I added a second set of wires in order to install the sensor further away from the Arudino board.
To connect the two parent ends together, I used the four short lines cut from the resistor leads.
If you are using an external drive circuit as described in the previous step.
You need to have two wires attached to the 5v pin on the Aduino board.
In this case, you can consider connecting the driver circuit to the 5v pin on the Arduino and connecting the Vcc wire on the sensor to the corresponding connection on the driver board.
Const int pingPint sensingRangeU int buzzerL buzzerFrequency interpretation;
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