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wearable technology is the next frontier of digital marketing

by:KJTDQ     2020-04-30
Many industry experts expect the new Apple Watch to take the demand for wearable technology to a new level.
It would be interesting to see the extent to which Apple Watches may have an impact on various industries, including digital marketing.
Previous wearable technologies such as Google Glass, Samsung Galaxy Gear, Pebble and FitBit have created more buzz than actual sales, calling it a thriving category.
However, many industry experts expect the new Apple Watch to take the demand for wearable technology to a new level.
When the Apple Watch is open to the public next month, the sim may boil.
Just like the iPod does for portable music players, the iPhone does for smartphones, and the iPad does for tablets ---
Whether Apple Watch can push the wearable technology revolution to the forefront, it will be interesting to see how far Apple Watch may have an impact on various industries, including digital marketing.
The Apple Watch is a new device designed specifically for the wrist to help indicate, read information, and monitor heart rate ---
Tell the time, of course. -
But this is another way for the company to be in front of the audience.
Both iPhones and iPads are disruptive because they change the way businesses engage and interact with consumers.
Not long ago, companies had to make sure their website was mobile
As mobile devices replace desktops as the main way to search the internet, this is very user friendly.
Do enterprises now have to carefully formulate and formulate marketing strategies for wearable technology? Once Apple releases its first sales figures and quarterly results, this is a near answer.
So what is the potential impact of wearable technology on digital marketing? Knowing that physical reactions can be perceived can really tap the pulse of consumers.
By having a bio-sensor built into the device, marketers can get to know the end user like an electronic mood ring.
Companies can collect consumer response data on ads, information, services, or products, rather than guessing based on sales figures.
Embedding local ads may help get an impression as individuals browse the timeline, but only interested consumers click to learn more.
Some viewers may not like the advertisement;
So getting an instant physical response can help marketers change the delivery of information to ensure it resonates better with consumers and encourages conversion.
The key to ultra-local positioning and TimingA wearable technology is that consumers will wear the device, not just carry it, so it\'s on people most of the time.
The company has learned about the whereabouts of consumers through location.
Function based on smart phone.
Now they will get information based on the community, not the city.
Combining location and time with physical reactions, marketers can get an understanding that they have never had before.
For example, when consumers walk past their favorite clothing store, does their heart rate jump happily because of a new bonus sale suddenly appearing on their wrists, and does they instantly (
Maybe impulsive)
As a result of the information, the purchase of this information will provide marketers with strategies and strategies to consider when promoting.
As some smartphone screens become larger and larger, the share of real estate wearable technology is getting smaller and smaller, and the importance of search ranking is getting higher and higher.
Advertising and information needs to be concise due to limited screen and display sizes.
In addition, being a top search result may be more important than before ---
The screen size may not have room to display many subsequent results.
Keywords and clear audio to reach the top search ranking, it will be important to conduct and analyze keyword research continuously.
This helps businesses understand how customers find them.
The screen of the device is small, and the search box is likely to be replaced by voice detection;
Therefore, businesses and brands with unique names or spellings may be detected differently compared to typing.
This can cause some problems that some sites are hard to find.
Krydges & Cohen, for example, may be completely different from Kristina and Coen.
If your business has not conducted any audio or verbal keyword search audits, then it may be time to do so now.
The next frontier wearable technology is here. -
Another question is whether it will have a disruptive impact.
However, as technology advances, it will be more important for companies and institutions to prepare marketing strategies and tactics for individuals adopting these devices.
This may happen in some form, probably the Apple Watch caused a sensation. Time will tell.
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