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What about style of ring type inductive proximity sensor by KJT?
When it comes to determining the style of inductive proximity sensor , Nanjing KJT Electric Co,.LTD involves the quality, style, features, trademarks, and packaging into the design. In order to meet a certain demand of the target market and gain a high level of customer satisfaction, we make decisions on the level of product quality by constantly improving product quality and gradually enriching product functions. We also continuously develop new products, improve technology and equipment technology content, and constantly reduce costs to provide a much better product to our old and new customer, so as to maintain a higher market share and investment rate of return. And we improve the style of inductive proximity sensor in some degrees in accordance with the customers’ requirements, which can add our products’ distinguishing features.

KJT is professional and reliable as a supplier and manufacturer of photoelectric sensor switch. KJT's Photoelectric sensor series contains multiple sub-products. The product is environmentally friendly. The used materials are recyclable and the refrigerant does not have a destructive influence on the ozone layer. Made of high-quality steel, the product features chemical resistance. KJTDQ not only appreciates the Photoelectric sensor but also a service commitment. Though it has a simple structure, this product is perfectly suitable for the most demanding industrial applications.

The implementation of safety light curtain standards will improve the competitiveness of our companyDQ. Check it!
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