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What about the exports of KJT in recent years?
In recent years, Nanjing KJT Electric Co,.LTD has grown beyond domestic borders. We gain many significant advantages from export businesses. The successful navigation in multiple national markets provides us with a much broader customer base from which we can generate business. We understand that if we keep customers faithful and satisfied, our chances to break into new markets will increase and so will our profit. As a result, we can adjust our offers to customers' needs and make sure that the import-export business is one that works for both our and their benefit.

KJT has been highly active in the laser distance sensor industry for many years. The fiber sensor series is widely praised by customers. KJTDQ safety light curtain is produced strictly in line with the quality regulations for interior decoration materials. Before shipping, it will be inspected in terms of formaldehyde content, harmful substances contained in the glue and adhesive, as well as the toxic ingredients in the paint. This product has strong rust-proof due to its corrosive coatings. The operating system of this product is relatively simple to operate, combining a powerful processing flow with a simple operation page. With its high sensitivity, the product has good signal processing.

KJT is committed to becoming the leading brand in the field of Photoelectric sensor. Get price!
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