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What are main products for KJT to export?
Nanjing KJT Electric Co,.LTD has obtained the industrial laser sensors export license. A copy of the export license can be provided if there are specific requirements. In China, if a supplier wants to obtain an export license, it should go through complicated procedures.

KJT is slowly expanding its foreign market conveyor belt switch by expanding production lines. Various in styles, KJT's waterproof limit switch can meet the needs of different customers. KJTDQ inductive distance measuring sensors adopts a fully automatic sorter machine to screen and classify predictive parameters such as voltage, wavelength, and brightness, which has greatly improved the performance of LED. It can detect and respond quickly to some types of input. Choosing this product whose design acts as an extension of people's personality can be a great idea. It can reflect who people are. Made of high-quality steel, the product features chemical resistance.

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