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What kind of packing is provided for fiber optic amplifier sensor ?
The packing materials for fiber optic amplifier prove to be reliable in protecting the external structure of the product. Normally, we use more than one packing material, and some of them are adopted to cover the surface to insult from moisture and water. This kind of material mainly includes bubble papers, membranes, and plastic wrap. In addition, there will be wooden or plastic boxes prepared to avoid the impact of collisions and bumps. Through the packing, we ensure the product completeness and no damage during the shipment.

Since established, Nanjing KJT Electric Co,.LTD has been committed to the creation, research and development and revenue of yarn break sensor. Various in styles, KJT's capacitive proximity sensor can meet the needs of different customers. After our strict quality control, all defects of the product have been thoroughly removed. This product has the ability to repeat the same measurement many times. The product has been an economical solution to finish a building project because it can improve the appearance of a building and is able to last for a long time. It has been widely used for packaging and plastics machinery, production lines, and conveying systems.

The vision of KJT is to develop into a worldwide supplier of capacitive proximity sensor. Please contact us!
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