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what life is like on a housing estate where every home is powered by apple smart tech

by:KJTDQ     2020-05-07
Milton Keynes.
WD-grid mode location of roads and roundabout
40. Open University and Midsummer Avenue-
The sun rises in the east end of the summer solstice.
Not to mention six specific cows.
Now, it has the first new home development project in the UK, with Apple home kit accessories in standard configuration.
These houses are equipped with technology when the house is built, so at least on the first day, you don\'t have to worry about finding sockets for the router, TV set
Set-top box or smart speaker.
Sommar Place from Sweden\'s Trivselhus is a development project for 39 smart homes.
Apple products include HomePod, iPod touch, Apple TV 4k and iPad.
Of course, there are many other smart home products that are compatible with Apple\'s HomeKit platform.
The house and apartment are three times as large as in Sweden.
Both the glass windows and the wide front door open to the outside remind you that things are a little different here.
The characteristic of smart home is obvious.
The Netatmo Presence external security camera is located outside and there is a Danalock on the front door, for example, it can be remotely unlocked using your iPhone.
If the front door that doesn\'t require a key is a concern, then understanding Apple\'s privacy and security features is an exception that might calm you down.
Although there are some amazing things when you look at the lock lit up and hear the lock take back when the bucket rotates.
However, it is convenient if you would like guests or delivery staff to come in.
You can monitor them with Netatmo.
Inside, many power outlets are smart, so saying \"Hey Siri, turn on the kettle\" Apple Watch or HomePod in the bedroom will turn on the right plug in the kitchen.
Home kit has similar light switches
Enabled, so you can set up a scene, for example, turn it on when you approach the front door, turn on the lights in the living room, lobby, and kitchen, turn the LIFX bulb into a shadow of your favorite night atmosphere.
You can say \"Hey Siri, I\'m home\" and tap the screen of your iPhone or just walk around with the iPhone in your pocket to activate the scene.
The radiator has Netatmo radiator thermostat valves, so these valves can be installed at the same time or as planned.
When you are out there are Elgato Eve motion sensors as well as door and window sensors that can automatically turn off when you enter the door, so your phone will not be alerted when you open a window.
You can\'t remember if you unplugged the iron while you\'re away, you can turn off the socket remotely (
And check through the Logitech Circle 2 camera that the kitchen is not actually on fire).
The possibilities are endless.
Obvious scenario automation involves telling HomePod or Apple TV \"Hey Siri, it\'s movie night\" if it\'s not a phrase that can be spoken out loud, or choose the movie scene you set up on your iPad.
At the time of the prompt, the lights will dim, the blinds will be turned off, the heating will be adjusted, and usherettes will arrive with Kia\'s trayOra orange.
Well, obviously not the last point, the Lutron blinds are not in the standard specs, but can be ordered extra and installed before you move in.
When I visited on a cold morning this week, the show house was warm and inviting and a four
A bedroom model for £ 450,000, although there are two-
Bedroom apartment for £ 250,000.
You might say that everything is fine, but wouldn\'t it be cheaper without these smart things?
Yes, but there is only one point.
Trivselhus said that the cost of all standard equipment, infrastructure and social facilities is less than the cost of the house, while the cost of the mortgage is negligible.
This does mean that when you move in, you don\'t have to change all the light switches yourself.
Smart home is sometimes overrated: You know, is it really that difficult to turn on the lights in the living room at the switch?
But if, \"Hey Siri, good morning,\" slide on the blinds, zoom in on the lights in the bedroom, hear the weather forecast on the HomePod, warm the towel rack and turn the kettle on, this makes it more attractive.
Smart home used to be the territory of the rich, custom installation of expensive accessories.
Now, before you open the package, you can build it all in at a reasonable cost.
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