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What should you pay attention to when equipping a punch press with a safety light curtain?

What should you pay attention to when equipping a punch press with a safety light curtain?


What is a punch press?

A stamping press, also called a punch press, is a stamping equipment that converts circular motion into linear motion. Its main motor drives the flywheel, and the clutch drives the gear, crankshaft (or eccentric gear), connecting rod, etc. to realize the linear motion of the slider. Since punch machines are widely used in stamping and molding of electronics, communications, computers, home appliances, furniture, vehicles (cars, motorcycles, bicycles), hardware parts, etc., there are potential dangers during use. How to eliminate hidden dangers? Installing safety light curtains is currently a relatively simple and effective method.

In this article, we will discuss five precautions to consider when using a punch press with a safety light curtain.

1. Use in a suitable environment

The safety light curtain grating screen has built-in electronic components, and the use environment must not contain too much water vapor and dust. Dust and water can cause safety light curtains to malfunction, so be sure to avoid exposing them to these elements. Make sure the environment is suitable for use with a safety light curtain before installation to avoid any potential malfunctions.

2. Choose the right model

Safety light curtains are divided into various models based on optical axis spacing, protection height, and beam distance. Therefore, the appropriate model should be selected based on the equipment used. Different models of safety light curtains are suitable for different equipment, so it is important to choose the correct safety light curtain for your punch press.

3. Choose the right accessories

When selecting accessories, consider the safety requirements and needs of the installation location. To do this, choose the right controller and stand. The controller allows you to reset the safety light curtain if it malfunctions, while the bracket allows you to mount it in a safe location. Also, check with the manufacturer to confirm which accessories are compatible with your press.

4. Read and understand the installation manual

Before installation, be sure to read and understand the installation manual carefully. Instructions will include step-by-step procedures, considerations and reminders. Ensuring proper installation will allow the safety light curtain to function properly and reduce the risk of potential accidents. If you have any questions about the manual or the installation process, it is recommended that you contact the manufacturer.

5. Maintenance and regular inspections

During the use of safety light curtains, contact with water, oil, and corrosive substances should be avoided as much as possible. Lenses and gear should always be kept clean and wiped with a damp cloth. Ensure safety light curtain equipment is regularly inspected, tested and maintained to maintain optimal performance.

in conclusion:

During press operation, the use of safety light curtains as a safety measure can fully prevent the occurrence of safety accidents. We can ensure adequate protection for operators, prevent accidents, and extend the life of equipment by following these five precautions. It is far better to prevent accidents by following these five precautions than to learn safety through accidents!

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