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What types of speed sensors are there?

What types of speed sensors are there?


Speed sensor is a common sensor used to measure the speed of an object. It is divided into sensors that measure linear speed and sensors that measure rotational speed. Speed sensors can convert speed information into electrical signals, which can be converted into data through displays or smart devices. They are widely used in automobile and train manufacturing, industrial automation, robotics and medical equipment.

Do you know what types of speed sensors there are? This article will introduce you to some common types of speed sensors and their uses.

1. Photoelectric speed sensor

Photoelectric speed sensors are commonly used to detect and measure the speed of movement of objects. They work by using a combination of emitter and receiver to create a shutter - as an object passes by, it blocks light, triggering the sensor and measuring the object's speed. Because they can measure speed very accurately, photoelectric speed sensors are often used in automobile and train manufacturing, automated production, robotics, packaging and sorting and other industries.

2.Magnetic encoder

Magnetic encoders are also a common speed sensor on the market. They work by using a magnetic head that is magnetically attached to a rotating object. When the object rotates, the head rotates with it and the induction sensor produces pulse signals: these signals can be calculated to determine the object's speed. Magnetic encoders are commonly used in robotics, automated production and aerospace technology. They detect the rotational speed and position of objects and play an important role in many automation applications.

3. Laser speed sensor

The laser speed sensor is a high-tech speed sensor. They scanned the object's surface with a laser beam and recorded the reflection times at different locations. These recordings can then be used to calculate the object's speed and position. Laser sensors are often used on objects that move at high speeds, such as racing cars, airplanes, and rockets. They are very accurate and can measure the speed of an object in a very short time, making them ideal for applications requiring high accuracy.

4.Radar speed sensor

Radar speed sensor is a speed sensor widely used in military and civilian fields. They work by using a radio wave transmitter to send waves to a target and receive the waves reflected back from the target. These reflected signals are used to calculate the object's speed and distance. Radar sensors can be used in aviation, aerospace, ocean survey, weather forecast and other fields. They can detect objects at great distances and provide highly accurate speed and distance information.

The above are 4 common speed sensor types and their uses. Whether you are in automotive manufacturing, automated production, or other industries, these sensors can provide you with accurate and reliable speed measurements to help you improve productivity and safety!

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