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Who are main customers to KJTDQ?
There are different customer groups in Nanjing KJT Electric Co,.LTDDQ who are not only from domestic areas but also overseas market. Based on brand positioning and analysis, we have different channels to get our customers. By having a clear understanding of what customers focus on and their varied needs, we can analyze their needs more precisely and save time and energy for both parties more efficiently.

Comprehensively focusing on the R&D and production of conveyor belt switch, KJT becomes internationally advanced. KJT's safety light curtain series contains multiple sub-products. The workmanship of KJTDQ proximity switch includes several processes: timber drying, rough cutting, hot and cold pressing, fine cutting, milling, veneer gluing, etc. This product is easy to install and use. The product features a stronger base. The metal material is used on the outside and glass is used to insulate the inside of the base to withstand impacts. It has been widely used for packaging and plastics machinery, production lines, and conveying systems.

To better promote the scientific development of our companyDQ, talent guarantee and intellectual support are necessary. Check now!
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