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Why capacitive sensor is produced by so many manufacturers?
Capacitive sensor is marketable and profitable, thanks to its broad application and mature technology. The production is exciting and challenging. The input is considerable, meaning that the manufacturers should be financed strongly. Surely the entire world and ordinary life are impacted in a number of ways.

Nanjing KJT Electric Co,.LTD is a comprehensively leading manufacturer of long distance proximity sensors. The proximity sensor metal series is widely praised by customers. The product features easy-to-change hardware locations. For example, scanners and wireless printers can be placed in the most optimal positions. This product provides a quick response to process variables. KJT uses solid cartons to pack photoelectric sensor switch so as to make sure they are safe enough. Its protection degree is up to IP67.

KJT is striving for world-class hall effect speed sensor supplier. Ask online!
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