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winner, rankings in $38,000 full-size sedan challenge

by:KJTDQ     2020-05-26
Now there is a lot of investment in the fashion redesign in the market.
Small cars of mainstream brands, manufacturers pursuing retail buyers and higher --profit sales --
And come off the road section of the road to rent a car.
So we started comparing new areas of big cars to find the best overall value.
Our latest headto-
The head comparison test of the car.
Com/USA Today/racing week $38,000
Challenge car size
Challenge story, video: redesigned the old-fashioned rental car image model of the big sedans on the car.
COM: specifications, more results, details, shopping tools we set a cap of $38,000, including shipping costs, taking into account typical transactions and equipment.
We have seven competitors, and automakers offer what they think is the best configuration.
Kia refused to enter the eighth car, just-
It launched Cadenza, but in the challenge it was mechanically similar to the corporate Brothers Company of modern Azera.
Two of them offer V-
8 s and 2 quotes 4, more typical V-for all entries-
Power and automatic transmission.
Three offers-
But there are five Test teams.
Rear drive and twodrive.
They have a wide range of amenities in this area, and all but one have information and entertainment systems with navigation capabilities.
The expert and family judge is Kelsey Meis, the car.
Editor of Consumer Affairs;
Jennifer Newman of the car company
Assistant editor;
Car, Kristen Varella
Com senior family editor, Brian Robinson, racing week producer for pbs;
Fred Mel, auto editor of USA Today.
As usual, we have a non-
Reporter family judge: Bill Weigner
I\'m nester from Skokie.
He runs a coffee shop and a farmer\'s market.
Three days of testing: A Day in Chicago --
Area driving on 200-
Miles route, rotate the driver, observe the truth
World gas mileage
The day the expert drove the car back-to-
Return to the same route and compare handling, riding, braking, etc.
One day, before he walked over to drive each car, the manufacturer introduced the situation to the family judge.
Score: expert comprehensive score: 75% of the total score;
Family judge\'s score: 15% points; fuel-
Economic ranking: 10%.
Although very close, according to the evaluation of the car, the result is: No.
1: 2014 Chevrolet IMPALA 2 LTPoints: 786 out 1,000.
Freight price: $35,770 gasoline mileage test: no4 at 26. 3 mpg (
EPA: 19 cities, 29 highways, 22
Main features: 2014 new features, two of which are maintained free of charge (
Two years/24,000 miles), NHTSA five-
Not tested, blind spot warning, forward collision warning, lane departure warning, no2 trunk at 18.
8 cubic feet, rear parking sensors and spare cameras, only Pandora integrated cars on smartphones, only home cars
AC socket for the rear seat.
What do they like: styling, in and out.
\"It looks great from almost every angle,\" Robinson said . \". .
Summary (faux)leather-
The trim dashboard with contrast stitching extends all the way to the door panel to make you feel like a pilot in science fiction
\"The cockpit of the fi spacecraft,\" Varella said . \".
\"It\'s stylish, mature-
But not old, \"added Mel.
Our judges, of course, look deeper and enjoy its performances, driving dynamics, and riding.
\"The driving ability shines, and its ride comfort is even more than that of the Chrysler twins, which has its own advantages in performance,\" said Mez . \".
Family judge Wegner said: \"It\'s easy to drive without pushing or pulling.
The last Impala I drove was 68 years. Wow!
What\'s the difference.
\"There is no lack of functionality.
\"There are a lot of storage areas inside, including my favorite: Umbrella racks,\" Newman said . \".
\"Home air-conditioned outlets in the back seat are a feature of the home,\" Varela noted . \".
The judges like the Chevrolet MyLink infotainment and navigation system, which has 8-
Inch HD screen for up-to-
Date function, easy to use.
What they don\'t have: transmission.
The engine feels powerful. . .
But her message and I never seem to have appeared on the same page, \"Robinson said.
Some internal details.
\"The dashboard is a bit like a circus,\" said Mace . \". .
\"Mel agreed ,\"
If so, the premium interior is a bit overdone.
The stitched seams are great, but do I really need the seams in two colors? \" Visibility.
Newman praised the \"impressive\" security feature, but added, \"Thank God. . .
They are essential.
Due to the narrow rear window of the Impala, the rear visibility is limited.
\"The impala got a good redesign and it has gone from the worst vehicle in the field to the best, if not the best,\" Robinson said . \".
\"An excellent
The price is higher than the size of the car
Like the original (1958)
\"The Impala. NO.
2013 Chrysler 300 spoint: 741. 5 out of 1,000.
Shipping Price: $37,925 (highest)
Gasoline mileage test: No. 2 at 27. 9 mpg (
EPA: 19 cities, 31 highways, 23 United)
Main features: eight
Automatic speed transmission, rear-
Five cars NHTSA-
Star rating safety rating, IIHS Top Safety options, one of the three child seats installed in the back two, blind spot warning, crossover
Traffic detection, adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning, only one with front and rear parking sensor, Adaptive Highintensity-
Discharge headlights.
What they like: power system, power system and riding. quality.
\"The power supply and handling in 300 S is on-site --
Said Varella.
Engine and eight
\"Speed transmission works well together,\" Robinson said . \". \"Sport-
\"Tuned 300 S has its own advantages in the quality of the ride,\" says tuned . \".
\"It will be a good long term.
Ride at a distance, \"said Wagner. Styling.
\"The male appearance makes it a head --
\"Turner,\" Newman said.
Security features.
\"One night after dinner, the detection at the rear intersection did make our ass disappear from the parking space,\" Varela said . \". Capable, user-
Friendly Uconnect infotainment/navigation with 8. 4-
\"Screen\" effect is very good;
\"It\'s easy to master,\" said Robinson.
Something they don\'t have: some interior material. .
Chrysler seems to have cut prices.
\"There is a lot of plastic on the door panel,\" Varella said . \".
Newman doesn\'t care \"strange, rubber --looking dash. \" Visibility.
\"Very little glass means sometimes it\'s hard to see the outside,\" Robinson said . \".
\"The chaos of ergonomics,\" said Mace.
Bottom line: \"300 is a satisfying, big, after
\"Driving a car with elegant lines looks more premium than the price,\" Meyer said . \". NO.
3: 2013 Modern AZERA points: 724 out of 1,000.
Freight price: $37,255 gasoline mileage test: no5 at 25. 6 mpg (
EPA: 20 cities, 29 highways, 23 Union)
Main Features: New Features for 2012.
Maximum warranty period (
Five years/60,000 miles with a total power of 10/100)
, Five years of roadside assistance, IIHS Top Safety options, NHTSA, backup camera, rear parking sensor, electric tilt/telescopic steering wheel, panoramic sunroof, heating-
Qualcomm wind seatintensity-
Discharge the headlights, only the electric rear parasol and the side parasol, two of which have a heated rear seat and one of the two cars with extended thigh support.
What they like is style, security.
\"Cars don\'t usually wear sexy, exciting and safe adjectives at the same time,\" Varella said . \".
Features: \"A lot of toys have been bought at this price,\" said Mace . \".
\"It is equipped with heated and cooled seats, panoramic sunroof and rear parasols in all directions --
Enough to make Kardashian stand out from the paparazzi. \" Power.
\"It feels as fast as the charger,\" Wegner said . \" If he buys a challenger, he says, this is the car he will choose. Ride, noise.
\"Quick response, safe and reliable, but not too harsh,\" Varella said . \".
\"It\'s really quiet,\" Newman said . \"
What they don\'t have is: Styling: \"The Look looks very modern,. . .
\"I don\'t think buyers in this area are looking for flash,\" Robinson said . \". Controls.
Maier is confused about a huge wheel in the middle of the \"Dashboard, which looks important, but is your basic radio knob.
\"Like too many products in modern times, Azera is also facing the problem of highway steering,\" Mez said . \".
There\'s a dead zone at 12. . .
Need constant correction. \" Seat.
After quite a long search, Varella could not find a comfortable location suitable for shorter drivers.
\"In this car, I feel like a king overlooking my territory,\" said vignar.
\"For big cars, Sonata is better than a new logo,\" said Mel. \"NO.
4: 2013 extra points for Dodge Charger SXT: 703. 5 out of 1,000.
Shipping Price: $37,910 (second highest)
Gasoline mileage test: No. 3 at 27. 3 mpg (
EPA: 19 cities, 31 highways, 23 United)
Main features: eight
Automatic speed, after
Five cars NHTSA-
Star safety rating;
IIHS top safe pick up, blind spot warning, cross traffic detection, rear parking sensor, backup camera, power supply-
Adjustable pedal (only one), heated-
Heated ventilated front seats
Cooling cup holder, one of two cup holders with heated rear seat, \"black top\" sports and appearance packaging (black 20-
Inch wheel and grille, Beats stereo, motion mode, paddler). (20-
Inch black wheels, black grille, rear spoiler, upgraded stereo, motion mode and paddler).
What they like: performance.
\"The charger is for pleasure in exchange for luxury,\" Newman said . \"
\"Processing and V-
Driving it is an \"explosion\", says Newman \".
\"Put it in a few places behind --wheel-drive cars [
Chrysler is another.
Shame the front line-wheel-
Promote competition, \"said Mace. A Hemi V-
8 is provided, but \"V-6 and eight-
For most buyers, the speed transmission is responsive and sufficient. Accessories.
\"Some of the\" fluff \"extras you never knew you needed, like cup holders that were heated and cooled,\" Varella said . \".
\"I\'m a little laughing at a rough image --and-tumble muscle-
Car drivers revel in the cup-shaped cup cooled by the charger
\"Excellent Uconnect infotainment system shared with 300.
\"Reveal Ford\'s touch on the dog,\" said Mace . \".
\"The Icon is large, the menu logic, and the response time is fast.
Ford, learn from here.
Unique look.
The black package \"looks mean,\" Robinson said \".
They don\'t have: Riding, road noise.
Highest Driving
\"It\'s an interesting factor for the group, but its motion pause\" is a bit harsh and noisy, \"Varella said.
\"It can be annoying\" on the rugged city streets \". \" The Dr.
The Drury sound system is not for everyone.
\"The Beats system for the charger is best for people who sound good on the playlist,\" said Maier . \".
\"Most big car shoppers will either like it or hate it,\" Mel said . \". NO.
5: 2013 Toyota Avalon XLE points: 664 out of 1,000.
Shipping Price: $32,010 (lowest)
Gasoline mileage test: No. 1 at 30. 2 mpg (
Environmental Protection Agency: 21 cities, 31 expressways, 25 joint)
Main features: 2013 new features, one of the two features of free maintenance ,(
Two years/25,000 miles), NHTSA five-
Star safety rating;
IIHS top security options, move up and down quickly on all Windows only.
Backup camera, navigation, satellite broadcast, parking sensor, folding back seat, etc.
What they like: Price, style. \"A luxurious-
The 10 airbags cost about $32,000.
\"This is impressive,\" Newman said . \". Looks.
\"The redesigned look is a knockout,\" Newman said . \".
\"This is a huge step forward for the forever outdated Avalon,\" Maier said . \". Performance.
\"Driving a Toyota car is surprisingly interesting,\" Robinson said . \". \"The 3. 5-liter V-
\"Push you back to your seat with impressive ferocity,\" said Mez . \".
Interior space.
\"There is almost no floor hump in the back seat of Titanic,\" said Mez . \".
Varella said: \"The most luxurious interior decoration, with a soft center console, is packed with cupholders (faux)
Do I need to continue?
\"What they don\'t have: functionality.
\"Even if Avalon\'s price is low, the base model lacks the features that these cars expect, such as a backup camera or a folded back seat,\" Maier said . \". Quality. \"Metal-on-
The metal grille noise on the highway, the random creaking when the hard stops, \"said Mez.
\"Toyota quality? I\'m skeptical. \" Handling.
\"Avalon\'s steering did not respond and it took a while to resolve it after the bumps,\" Newman said . \". Controls.
\"I\'m not a fan of the Avalon center stack or the capacitor button,\" Wegner said . \".
\"You can see all the fingerprints.
\"Toyota has been trying to make Buick for years and they have finally done it,\" Robinson said . \".
Although I like the interior design, the whole car still has a lot of old money. \"NO.
Ford Taurus 6: 2014 points: 600 points. 5 out of 1,000.
Freight price: $35,790 gasoline mileage test: no7 at 25. 0 mpg (
EPA: 19 cities, 29 highways, 23 Union)
Main features: Refresh 2013, NHTSA 5-
Star safety rating;
IIHS Top Safety Pick-up, electric tilt/telescopic steering wheel, driver seat memory, backup camera, rear parking sensor, heating-
Maximum trunk ventilation seat in group (20. 1 cu. ft. )
, Two are able to install one of the three child seats in the back, most cupholders (5).
What they like: deal with it.
\"Ride Like A Champion,\" said Mez . \".
\"For such a big car, it handled well,\" Robinson agreed . \". Seats.
The driver\'s seat is very comfortable, Newman said.
\"It hugs together in all the right places, and the buff is very good.
\"The back seat is\" the most comfortable group of people, \"Varella said, even including a soft and comfortable middle seat in the back row.
Mel said: \"The redo of 2010 Taurus has improved the style and performance of this class, which is still a competitor. \" Trunk space.
\"It\'s too big, and I was wondering if people had to climb in to get the items in the back,\" Newman said . \".
What they don\'t have is the MyFord Touch infotainment and control system.
\"With slow response times, tiny screen icons, and terrible capacitance non-
\"The button below,\" said Mace, expressing the majority. Front space.
Another running theme for Taurus is the driver\'s crowded cockpit.
\"If you\'re looking for a lot of rooms in front, you can go somewhere else to see,\" Robinson suggested . \".
\"Almost feel a little exercise --car-
It\'s like you\'re in there, \"said Wagner.
\"There\'s really no place to go for your right leg.
Several people pointed out that the brakes did not respond well. Road noise.
\"Drive in an imperfect place on any road
Road expansion joints-potholes
\"It sounds like there\'s a drum part in the back seat,\" Newman said . \".
One sentence: \"The recent update has made the modest cabin space in Taurus more friendly, but Ford\'s capacitive control needs to go. \"NO.
2013 Nissan 3.
5 SV points: 589. 5 out of 1,000.
Freight price: $37,475 gasoline mileage test: no6 at 25. 4 mpg (
EPA: 19 cities, 26 highways, 22
Main features: only one continuous variable-
NHTSA four-ratio automatic transmissionstar rating;
Not the IIHS Top Safety selector, there are only cars with heated steering wheels, two of which have stretchable thigh support.
Free roadside assistance is not included, no parking sensors, luggage space (smallest).
What they like: performance and handling.
\"It\'s very interesting,\" Mel said . \". \"Great V-
6 and performance-tuned CVT [
[Transmission words]
Make it a driver\'s car.
Mez agrees: \"The flexibility of the swift horse highlights the fact that it is one of the two cars below 3,600 pounds [
The other one is Avalon. .
\"This swift horse has Nissan\'s morning.
Several judges pointed out that this made it very fashionable.
\"Wow, this is so fast, this is a CVT?
\"The power and control are good for cars of this size,\" Robinson said . \". Space in front.
\"The front passenger has enough space to stretch out,\" Newman noted . \". to stretch out.
What they don\'t have: outdated designs.
\"The internal parts start to show their age, and outdated window switches and gear shifting make them into driving conditions,\" said Mez . \".
\"The navigation screen is still getting together like 1999,\" Robinson said . \".
Wegner agrees: \"Compared to other navigation, this one is just like the one you will buy at radiowack. \" Rear seat.
\"Passengers in the back seat will be short in the swift horse,\" Newman said . \".
\"The roof is tilted sharply, leaving only a few inches of clearance.
\"While the CVT is praised for its responsiveness, it is costly and adds other noise.
\"Wind noise on the highway, a kind of moaning CVT. . .
The road and tires are too noisy when punching in.
\"I probably won\'t have to hear my kids whining in the car anymore,\" Varella said . \". \"See?
Almost everything has a bright side.
\"The bottom line is: something that worked for the Maxima a few years ago is no longer working,\" Newman said . \".
\"It can\'t keep up with the competition.
\"Editor\'s note: the judge\'s comments in two of the capsules were updated by 9/10 to reflect that the Impala\'s dashboard and Avalon\'s coasters were trimmed with faux leather instead of real leather.
Robbie de Graf of the car
Com contributed to the report.
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