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wireless sensor network to monitor urban environments

by:KJTDQ     2020-05-14
Harvard researchers plan to install a city-wide wireless sensor network that collects all information from weather conditions to noise pollution.
The CitySense project will install 100 wireless sensors in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
In the next four years, Harvard announced on Thursday.
The group also plans to open the project
This means researchers around the world will be able to access the information collected by sensors.
\"It\'s possible that wireless sensor networks can completely change reality.
\"Time monitors the environment, civil structures, roads and animal habitat,\" Matt Wales, assistant professor of computer science at Harvard University, said in a statement . \".
\"It\'s going to be one of the biggest projects in the same category, the entire 100-
The sensor infrastructure will eventually be open to anyone with a computer and internet connection.
\"Wales and his team hope to install 20 sensors on city street lights in two years, 50 in the third year and 100 sensors in four years.
Initially, these sensors will be limited to collecting meteorological data: temperature, wind speed, rainfall, air pressure and air quality.
But the researchers hope to eventually equip them with sensors for monitoring air pollution and microphones for studying noise pollution.
\"We think that for scientists across the country who want to design their own cities, it may not be just a sensor network testing platform --
The Welsh said.
\"We also believe that the entire network can provide the basis for cities that want to install the universal wireless Internet.
\"Harvard tends to open data to the public from the web.
\"Atmospheric science researchers in Tulsa or grade 10 high school teachers in San Francisco can run it in a city sense by simply designing an experiment and registering a schedule,\" he said.
Harvard and its partnersCambridge-
BBN based technology and city
The company says the project will create the world\'s first citywide network, but some private companies have set up similar wireless networks across the United States. Wi-
Many major North American cities, including Toronto, have established Fi networks for remote Internet users. U. S.
Company traffic.
Both Com and SpeedInfo provide traffic conditions and congestion information from wireless radar sensor networks, United States of AmericaS. -
Weather information is compiled through the network of 8,000 tracking stations based on WeatherBug.
SpeedInfo recently announced that 50 solar units have been installed-
Traffic sensors that provide power on street lights and pillars in the Columbia District.
A series of new sensors have emerged on urban streets, raising concerns about privacy and the use of this information.
But SpeedInfo chief executive Doug Finlay told the Associated Press on Thursday that the company\'s sensors were not equipped with cameras and were only used to determine a bigger trend in traffic speed.
\"We can\'t be sure who runs 100 miles an hour,\" he said . \".
\"All we know is that someone is.
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