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Yang Yisong, chief expert of Nanrui Group, and his entourage visited KJT for research and guidance

Yang Yisong, chief expert of Nanrui Group, and his entourage visited KJT for research and guidance


On 25th February , Yang Yisong, Chief Expert of Nanrui Group, Yuan Fei, Director of Investment Development Division of Nanrui Group Strategic Development Department, Tian Xiaofeng, Expert of Perception Technology R&D Department of Internet of Things Technology R&D Center of Nanrui Research Institute, Investment Development of Nanrui Group Strategic Development Department Sun Ningning and his entourage came to Kaijite for inspection and exchanges. General Manager Zheng Bin and company colleagues expressed a warm welcome to the guests and had friendly exchanges on the further strengthening of communication between the two parties and business expansion.


The experts first listened to the introduction of KJT in the company lobby, and gained a further understanding of the company's product categories, business areas, and company strength. Afterwards, he visited the company's production workshop. Manager Zheng explained the actual products, which allowed the experts to have a deeper understanding of the product quality and practical application, and affirmed the company's steady and rapid development.

At the last, the R&D specialists explained the wireless sensors and industrial wireless measurement and control solutions in detail for the experts.KJT wireless measurement and control is a rare industrial grade that can meet the high stability, low delay, low power consumption, and multiple concurrent closed-loop measurement and control application scenarios in the industry. Wireless communication technology, when you need to use wireless remote control to achieve intelligent linkage or use wireless sensing technology to collect the operating status of field equipment (such as energy consumption, power quality, vibration, temperature, tilt angle), you can use KJT wireless measurement and control Program. Experts expressed that there is a need for in-depth cooperation in KJT sensors and wireless measurement and control solutions. In future cooperation, they hope to give full play to the complementary advantages of the two parties in the business field, further strengthen cooperation, and promote win-win cooperation.

This exchange opened a new chapter of win-win cooperation and common development between the two parties. At the same time, it further consolidated the important relationship between the two parties to comprehensively deepen cooperation, innovating cooperation methods and deepening cooperation content while accelerating the advancement of cooperation goals, in order to promote information in the power industry. A solid step has been taken in chemical construction.


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