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Can KJT provide inductive proximity sensor adjustment installation video?
If customers have questions about the inductive proximity sensor installation, we would like to shot an HD video showcasing the installation process. Generally, we will offer an installation manual exquisitely packaged along with the finished products. This will help customers to have a clear understanding of the structural design and every part of the products and then install the products by themselves more efficiently. Or, if customers prefer to watch videos instead of reading the manual, we can arrange professional staff to shot the installation video and send it to customers by E-mail.

With the superiority of technology, Nanjing KJT Electric Co,.LTD has experienced a fast development in the market of wireless sensor. KJT produces a number of different product series, including sensor accessories. The product is able to withstand extremely cold temperatures. The components used are cold-resistant run well in the coldest climate. Adopting energy-saving technologies, the product consumes little energy. Through the years of explore, KJTDQ has its own advanced technology to produce capacitive proximity sensor. Featuring high accuracy, the product can accurately convert a physical parameter into a signal.

To better promote the scientific development of KJTDQ, talent guarantee and intellectual support are necessary. Welcome to visit our factory!
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