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[Good news] KJT was awarded the "Technology Service Station" license by the Provincial Mechanical Engineering Society!

[Good news] KJT was awarded the "Technology Service Station" license by the Provincial Mechanical Engineering Society!


On the afternoon of September 29th, Jiangsu Mechanical Engineering Society and Changzhou Science and Technology Association jointly held the "Science and Technology Innovation China" in Changzhou with the theme of "Intelligent Manufacturing·Brand·Future" and the model of "meeting, exhibition, business and competition". ·The 5th Jiangsu Intelligent Manufacturing Summit Forum" and the signing and awarding ceremony of Jiangsu Mechanical Engineering Society Science and Technology Service Station.

Representatives attending the meeting include: Chen Zhiliang, member of the Party Leadership Group of Changzhou Municipal Government; Feng Shaodong, Vice Chairman of the Provincial Association for Science and Technology; Chen Huapeng, Vice Chairman of the Changzhou Association for Science and Technology; Xia Hanguan, Chairman of the Provincial Mechanical Engineering Society, Jiang Jianchun, Executive Vice Chairman and Secretary-General, and Vice Chairman-- Professor Shi Jinfei, President of Nanjing Institute of Technology, Professor Cheng Xiaonong, former Vice President of Jiangsu University and Vice President of the Yangtze River Delta New Materials Research Institute; Zhang Hua, Vice Minister of the Academic Department of the Provincial Association for Science and Technology, as well as leaders of Changzhou Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Industry and Information Technology Bureau, etc. Attended the forum.

This forum was chaired by Professor Shi Jinfei. Academician Li Dequn of the Chinese Academy of Engineering; Academician Jia Zhenyuan of the Chinese Academy of Sciences; Professor Cheng Xiaonong; and Professor Wang Mulan, Director of the Nanjing Institute of Technology and the Jiangsu Provincial Key Laboratory of Advanced CNC Technology, gave speeches on "Digitalization and Intelligentization of Plastic Injection Molding" respectively. , "The theory and technology of shape-controlled manufacturing of key components of high-end equipment", "Consolidating the material foundation to help build a manufacturing power", "Digital twin technology and fault prediction and health management (PHM)" academic reports.

During the forum, Chen Zhiliang, a member of the Changzhou Municipal Government Party Committee, and Feng Shaodong, vice chairman of the Provincial Association for Science and Technology, delivered speeches respectively; Xia Hanguan, chairman of the Provincial Society, spoke at the opening ceremony; Jiang Jianchun, director of the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society and secretary-general of the Provincial Mechanical Engineering Society, read out the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Learn to write congratulatory letters. We hope to use the platform of "Intelligent Manufacturing Forum" in Science and Technology Innovation China and Science and Technology Innovation Jiangsu to lead the majority of scientific and technological workers to continuously march into the breadth and depth of science and technology, with the spirit of advancing with the times, the courage to innovate and innovate, and the determination to persevere. We must use our strength to bravely enter the "no man's land" of innovation, seize the commanding heights of key core technologies, integrate advanced technology and intelligent manufacturing, and promote the innovative development of enterprises.

Amid warm applause at the scene, Vice Chairman Feng Shaodong of the Jiangsu Association for Science and Technology held a licensing ceremony for the "KJIT Science and Technology Service Station". He expressed his hope that by integrating and coordinating the disciplinary advantages and expert resources of the Provincial Mechanical Engineering Society, it will contribute to Jiangsu Province. The R&D and innovation of related manufacturing enterprises provide powerful collaborative services. Through comprehensive services centered on science and technology service stations, we will accelerate the transformation and upgrading of enterprises and make due contributions to promoting regional scientific and technological progress and economic development.

After receiving this honor, Kejit will continue to work hard to continuously improve itself and serve the society with better product quality and better R&D technology!

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