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Special job fair - Kaijit was invited to attend the "Launching Ceremony of the Nanjing Citizen-Enterprises and Universities Join Hands to Promote Employment Action"

Special job fair - Kaijit was invited to attend the "Launching Ceremony of the Nanjing Citizen-Enterprises and Universities Join Hands to Promote Employment Action"


At 10 a.m. on June 17, under the guidance of the Jiangsu College Admissions and Employment Guidance Service Center, with the support of the Nanjing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, and the Nanjing Municipal Education Bureau, the "Nanjing Federation of Industry and Commerce and Nanjing Xiaozhuang College" hosted The Launching Ceremony and Special Job Fair of Nanjing’s Private Enterprises, Colleges and Universities Join Hands to Promote Employment Action was officially opened in the gymnasium of Nanjing Xiaozhuang College (Fangshan Campus). This job fair is open to all 5,030 graduates of Nanjing Xiaozhuang College in 2022. Graduates from China Pharmaceutical University, Nanjing Institute of Technology, Jinling Institute of Science and Technology, Jiangsu Vocational and Technical College of Economics and Trade and other universities in Jiangning University Town are also invited to participate.

As a "National High-tech Enterprise", "Provincial Private Technology Enterprise", "Technology-based Small and Medium-sized Enterprises" and "Provincial Science and Technology Service Station", Kaijit has carried out "industry-university-research cooperation" with Nanjing Agricultural University, and jointly established " "Off-campus Practical Education Base", adhering to the development mission of "Sensor Interconnection and Intelligent Manufacturing of the Future", has been invited to participate in this job fair with a number of outstanding positions. We welcome all students in Area E 268.

Recruitment positions

Product Manager (Technical Support)/Intern

1) Full-time undergraduate students majoring in industrial automation, electrical automation, measurement and control or instrumentation automation;

2) It is best if you are familiar with the principles and applications of sensors or related industrial control products, fresh graduates are also welcome;

3) Have independent working ability and analytical ability, strong observation, judgment and adaptability;

4) Have strong communication skills and be able to complete product training and application lectures through learning;

5) Love technical work, be active in thinking, dare to innovate, and have a high degree of enthusiasm and professionalism; be able to adapt to short-term business trips;


Product Manager (Sales)/Intern

1) Full-time unified undergraduate program, mechatronics, automation and other related majors;

2) Applicants with market development, sales experience and business negotiation experience are preferred, fresh graduates are also welcome;

3) Familiar with computer operation and network knowledge, proficient in the use of various office software, and have strong writing skills;

4) Have a keen sense of the market and be able to analyze and judge market development trends more accurately. Through learning, you can clearly understand customer needs and deeply explore customer needs;

5) Have good communication and language expression skills, and be able to adapt to short-term business trips;

Sales Representative/Intern

1) College degree or above, mechanical and electronic engineering, mechatronics; manufacturing automation and measurement and control technology and other related majors;

2) It is best to have knowledge about industrial automation, sensor principles and applications; fresh graduates are also welcome;

3) Have good sales skills, or be willing to engage in sales work for a long time;

4) Excellent communication skills, market development ability and teamwork spirit.

5) Proficient in using commonly used office software.

6) Positive attitude and able to adapt to short-term business trips;

Purchasing Assistant/Intern

1) College degree or above, major in electronics;

2) It is preferred to have purchasing experience and be familiar with the purchasing workflow; fresh graduates are also welcome;

3) Cheerful and generous personality, clear logic, good communication and interpersonal skills;

4) Work responsibly and seriously. aggresively.


Foreign trade assistant/intern

1) English, international trade and other related majors, fresh graduates are also welcome;

2) Fluent in English listening, speaking, reading and writing;

3) Familiar with the operation of office software, careful in work, and strong sense of responsibility;

4) Have good communication skills and teamwork spirit;

The atmosphere at the job fair was lively. The students carefully prepared self-recommendations and resumes, and walked confidently through the crowd. They took the initiative to learn about the positions, actively communicated with us, and filled out the expression of interest form. Kaijit gained a lot from this job fair and discussed job requirements and suggestions with fresh graduates in depth. In the future, it will further attract talents and technology, continue to develop and innovate, ensure product quality, establish corporate reputation, create greater glory, and contribute to society Make more contributions. v

Friends who are interested in this recruitment position can also contact Director You by calling 025-66075066 or 15905244759. Kaijit welcomes you to join and is willing to create a better future with you!

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