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Exhibition Review | KJT appeared at the Indonesian Industrial Manufacturing Exhibition.

Exhibition Review | KJT appeared at the Indonesian Industrial Manufacturing Exhibition.


Exhibition review

From December 6th to 9th,KJT participated in the Indonesian Industrial Machinery Manufacturing Exhibition (Manufacturing Indonesia) 

to demonstrate the powerful charm of Made in China.

The Indonesian Industrial Machinery Manufacturing Exhibition is a long-standing and prestigious machinery manufacturing exhibition in Southeast Asia. It is the largest local manufacturing exhibition and is known as one of the top 20 hardware tools and machinery manufacturing exhibitions in the world. This exhibition attracted outstanding companies and innovative forces from all over the world to discuss new trends and new technologies in industrial development. As a practitioner in the industry, Kejit was also invited to participate in this exhibition to showcase the latest technologies and products to the world.

At the exhibition site, Kjt displayed its latest research and development results, including smart sensor manufacturing solutions and industrial Internet platforms. These products and technologies not only represent KJT innovative strength in the industrial field, but also demonstrate our in-depth thinking and unique insights into future industrial development.

During the exhibition,KJT booth attracted the attention of many visitors and professionals. They stopped to watch, learned more about our products and technologies, and spoke highly of our innovative capabilities and professionalism. At the same time, we have also conducted in-depth exchanges and cooperation negotiations with a number of companies, laying a solid foundation for future cooperation.

This exhibition not only brings wider recognition and attention to KJT products and technologies, but also provides us with the opportunity to communicate and learn from our global peers. We know that future industrial development requires more innovation and cooperation. Therefore, we will continue to increase our research and development efforts, continuously improve our products and technology levels, and contribute more to the development of global industry.

KJT Indonesia office address:

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Jakarta Barat 11730

Thank you to all friends who care and support KJT. KJT Indonesia office will continue to adhere to the concept of "sensor interconnection, intelligent future creation" to provide better products and services to Southeast Asian customers. Let us join hands to create a new chapter of future industry!

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