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Jointly build the Belt and Road | KJT Singapore exhibition concluded successfully

Jointly build the Belt and Road | KJT Singapore exhibition concluded successfully

Singapore trip Review

Create a better future

Singapore, a city where Eastern and Western cultures meet, not only shows strong economic strength, but also excelled in technological innovation,

 in such a dynamic city, kJT Singapore Service Center was born.

KJT Singapore Service Center established

18Boon Lay Way,TradeHub 21#07-132;

Singapore 609966

The establishment of the KJT Singapore Service Center marks another important step in KJT is cooperation in the international layout of the "Belt and Road". The service center will provide a comprehensive range of services, including information consulting, technical exchange, and talent cultivation to KGI customers in Southeast Asia. Through this platform, KJT can better understand the market demand in Singapore and let more people understand the brand advantages of KJT, and promote common development!

Appearance at industrial exhibitions

Meanwhile, at the industrial exhibition held at the Singapore Expo Centre, KJT showcased its unique products and solutions. It is worth mentioning that the KJT proximity switch and laser series have attracted the attention of many viewers. KJT uses the Internet of Things technology to achieve real-time monitoring and intelligent control of industrial equipment, effectively improving production efficiency and reducing energy consumption.

In addition, KJT also demonstrated multi-purpose sensor products. These products fully meet the needs of customers in different industries, with high reliability and stability. For important industries such as oil, gas, water treatment, etc., the solutions provided by KJT won favorable comments from exhibitors.

Photos from the exhibition

The trip to Singapore was a great success, which injected new impetus into the international layout of "Belt and Road" for KJT. We believe that in the future, we will be able to jointly promote each other's development and make greater contributions to the global industrial development.


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