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Is installation service provided for fiber optic probe sensor ?
Do not know how to install fiber optic probe ? Don’t worry. You are not dealing with this alone. Our professional follow-up means you can get reliable installation services. In addition to the instruction manual, we also offer installation guidance online. We have good reasons for doing this. Some installing procedures may be complicated and require a certain level of know-how. That is why we offer you the choice of specialized installation service. Would you like to know more about this? Then get in touch with us.

Nanjing KJT Electric Co,.LTD has highly reliable Photoelectric sensor in providing high quality solutions. Various in styles, KJT's fiber optic probe can meet the needs of different customers. The lightbulb efficiency of KJTDQ safety light curtain standards is dramatically high with the help of R&D team. They are trying their best to prevent the loss of the light. The product offers little variation between measuring values. The application of this product helps the building projects be capable of resisting damage caused by different weather factors such as a hurricane. With its high sensitivity, the product has good signal processing.

In KJT, endless attempts have been made to foster the evolution of the national fiber optic probe business. Contact us!
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