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use a diy proximity sensor to automate your haunted house

by:KJTDQ     2020-05-16
Here are the materials and tools needed to make a simple proximity sensor: material infrared LED infrared phototransistor 33 ohm resistor 10 kohm resistor black heat shrink tube (
Same diameter as photoelectric transistor)
Perf BoardTools: weld the IronTo to make a simple proximity sensor, all you need is a transmitter and a light detector.
Constantly turn on the light transmitter.
Whenever a light hits a nearby object, some light reflects back to the detector.
The closer the object is, the more light it reflects.
By measuring the output of the light detector, you can get a rough approximation of how close the object is to it.
This is not accurate because the amount of reflected light also depends on the physical properties of the reflective surface (
Sometimes called the reflection of it).
However, the effect of activating special effects in haunted houses is good enough.
I chose to use infrared as this sensor because it is invisible to the human eye.
So your guests won\'t notice.
In addition, it will not be disturbed by room lighting.
The ir led is connected to the 5v power supply with a 33 ohm series resistor.
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