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What properties are needed in proximity sensor with analog output raw materials?
There should be a variety of properties born by the raw material of proximity sensor with analog output . The raw materials should be chemically stable to prevent the accidental occurrence of chemical reactions with other substances. There come to be no impurities found in the raw materials to damage the final quality of the finished products. After all, we know that high purity can guarantee the hardness and other characteristics are extensively improved. In addition, the raw material should be guaranteed to be of long-term usability to effectively showcase their performance.

Since the establishment of Nanjing KJT Electric Co,.LTD, we have been committed to producing miniature inductive sensor. Various in styles, KJT's Yarn sensor can meet the needs of different customers. KJTDQ proximity sensor high temperature is manufactured adopting the highest LED lighting production standards at home and abroad. These standards include GB and IEC. The product offers little variation between measuring values. Multiple safety and quality tests are performed strictly to ensure a superior performance of the product. This product can quickly collect data from the surrounding environment.

The vision of KJT is to develop into a worldwide supplier of color mark sensor. Contact!
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