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Magnetostrictive sensor
Does KJT have export licence?
Nanjing KJT Electric Co,.LTD is an export expert of long distance inductive proximity sensor and fully complies with the international export standard. The Chinese government continues to push for export and export trade, encouraging us to obtain permission to develop transactions. With an export license, we are qualified to export goods directly, which simplifies some processes and increases work efficiency.

Professional in the production of Yarn sensor, KJT has won wider international market. The yarn tension sensor series is widely praised by customers. KJTDQ small photoelectric sensor has obtained ISF certification. It is qualified in terms of multipoint color balance, gamut matching/manipulation, and other factors. Made of high-quality steel, the product features chemical resistance. The product features flexible adjustment. The function modules can be adjusted at any time and special notes can be added. This product can quickly collect data from the surrounding environment.

KJTDQ believes it is important to take the scientific development as the basis during the production. Get more info!
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