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Magnetostrictive sensor
Does KJTDQ enjoy high popularity?
The popularity of Nanjing KJT Electric Co,.LTDDQ is gradually increasing by days. Every year, we are honorarily invited to attend large-scale domestic and international exhibitions to advertise our products and broaden our popularity. We have been specialized in manufacturing KJTDQ with exquisite quality while offering considerate service for customers, which earn us great recognition widely.

KJT is considered as an expert in the proximity sensor industry. Various in styles, KJT's high pressure sensor can meet the needs of different customers. The product meets up with international standards for quality and you can be assured of its performance and durability. This product has the ability to repeat the same measurement many times. The product provides a completely unique divider system to allow people to keep everything they carry organized, protected, and accessible. Featuring high accuracy, the product can accurately convert a physical parameter into a signal.

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