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Magnetostrictive sensor
How about market influence of KJTDQ?
Nanjing KJT Electric Co,.LTDDQ is a well-known brand on the market. When KJTDQ is said, KJTDQ is obviously a good example. It has been promoted for many years. It has been exhibited at various domestic and foreign exhibitions and seminars. As it exports to countries, the brand's influence will expand.

KJT is known as a world-renowned manufacturer and mainly produces sensor connector. Various in styles, our company's namur proximity sensor can meet the needs of different customers. The optical performance of our teamDQ textile gear speed sensor has been greatly improved by the R&D team who has invested a lot of time. Thus, its optical parameters are very close to the ideal value. This product has the ability to repeat the same measurement many times. The product is valued for its huge durability, popular in the construction industry. People who use this product said that it can last for years. Its response time can be limited at 0.1ms.

our company holds the firm belief that its limit switch will surely give you a important position. Inquire now!
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