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Magnetostrictive sensor
How about the minimum order quantity for ODM products?
Please consult with our Customer Service about the minimum purchase quantity for ODM items. As soon as you provide us with concept information and detailed specifications, we'll notify you of the total cost for design, prototyping, and the projected cost per unit before the job starts. We are devoted to delivering quality solutions for you through our ODM services. We're an expert in our area, as you are with yours.

Nanjing KJT Electric Co,.LTD is known for its high quality speed sensor. Various in styles, KJT's laser photoelectric sensor can meet the needs of different customers. The LED of KJTDQ cylindrical photoelectric sensors consists of a solid plastic casing which is diffusive and allows light to be scattered in different directions. This plastic casing comes in different colors, changing the color of the light. This product can detect the smallest resolution change. Our experienced QC teams ensure the product to be in its best quality. Featuring high accuracy, the product can accurately convert a physical parameter into a signal.

KJT provides advanced high pressure sensor solutions that turn the vision of their customer into reality.Inquiry!
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