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Magnetostrictive sensor
How to extend ultra small proximity sensor warranty?
Here at Nanjing KJT Electric Co,.LTD, the warranty service may be extended through extended warranty plans purchased from the retailers or us. Based on the practical value and promising prospects of the product, it may cost a lot to repair them or buy a new one, so most customers may have the requirements about extending the product warranty, thereby, relieving their worries about the expensive fee for repairing or replacing. Please note the offering of advanced replacement or repairing service may vary by country. Please check with us first for further information.

With large scaled factory and and professional production lines, KJT is regarded as a reliable supplier of yarn break sensor. KJT's main products include laser photoelectric sensor series. Three firmness levels remain optional in KJTDQ safety light curtain standards design. They are plush soft (soft), luxury firm (medium), and firm—with no difference in quality or cost. This product provides a quick response to process variables. The quality of every photoelectric sensor types will be inspected before loading. Thanks to its stainless steel housings, this product features increased overload protection.

Ring inductive proximity sensors is the lifeblood and reputation of our team. Inquire online!
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