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how to clean the throttle body on a saturn s-series car

by:KJTDQ     2020-05-29
Richpin demonstrates how to clean the throttle body on Saturn\'s-series car.
First, remove the accelerator cable using a tool like a pen.
Next, remove the top hose.
Remove the wire from the throttle position sensor.
The back is the wire for the idle control valve. Remove them.
Remove 10mm nuts, bolts and brackets through exhaust gas recycling.
After the hardware is removed, tap the top with a screwdriver and the throttle body will fall off.
Remove the bolted throttle position sensor from the throttle body.
Pull the sensor down.
Next, remove the idle air control valve fixed by the bolt.
Turn off the idle air control valve. Remove the O-ring.
Clean the throttle mechanism using carbs choke cleaner or products made specifically for the throttle mechanism.
Spray detergent in the throttle body and massage with a sour brush.
Clean the choking spray cleaner residue using Brakleen.
Dry with compressed air.
Point the pins of the idle air control valve below, with a choke cleaner, Brakleen, and a compressed air cleaning mechanism.
Finally, reassemble the throttle body.
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