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bae systems sensor technology guides next-generation missile to readiness

by:KJTDQ     2020-04-14
BAE System Sensor Technology Guide
National Broadcasting Corporation WireNASHUA, N. H. --
In May 6, 2019, BAE Systems worked closely with Lockheed Martin,RangeAnti-Ship Missiles (LRASM)to the U. S.
Early operational capability of air force (EOC)for the B1-
Advance B bomber
After successful simulation, integration and flight tests indicated that the mission of the missile was ready, the Air Force accepted the delivery of the production of The LRASM unit.
The press release features multimedia.
Check out the full version here: BAE Systems is working closely with Lockheed Martin to provide long termRangeAnti-Ship Missiles (LRASM). . .
BAE Systems is working closely with Lockheed Martin to provide long-termRangeAnti-Ship Missiles (LRASM)to the U. S. Air Force. (
Picture: BAE System)
Radio frequency Bruce connisberg said: \"We are quickly providing key capabilities to combat personnel to meet their urgent operational needs . \" (RF)
Regional Director of sensor products for BAE Systems.
\"Our sensor system provides usS.
Fighters with the ability to attack can engage them in the protected high
Assess sea targets from safe distances.
The missile provided a huge advantage to the United States. S. warfighters.
\"The BAE system is far away
Distance sensors and aiming technology enable LRASM to detect and attract protected vessels in all weather conditions during the day or night without relying on external intelligence and navigation data.
BAE Systems and Lockheed Martin are working closely to further refine the LRASM technology.
These companies have recently signed a contract to produce more than 50 additional sensors and are working to achieve EOCon in the USS. Navy\'s F/A-
2019 Super Hornet 18th floor.
Advanced LRASM sensor technology is based on the expertise of the BAE System in electronic warfare (EW)
Signal Processing and positioning technology and demonstrated the company\'s ability to apply its World
EW technology for small platforms.
The success of the LRASM sensor project demonstrates the company\'s ability to quickly deliver advanced EW technology to its fighters.
As part of the company\'s e-combat capability expansion plan, it identifies key projects where they will have the best staffing to make a quick transition from design to production and speed delivery
The company\'s work on the LRASM project is in-of-the-
In the art facilities of Wayne, New Jersey and Nashua New Hampshire, it benefits from highly skilled EW engineering and manufacturing workers.
For more information, please visit: www. baesystems. com/lrasm.
View the source version on business wire.
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