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best gaming mouse mats and pads 2019 | the sun uk

by:KJTDQ     2020-04-24
PC players who deserve their salt will know how important it is to buy the best game, the mousemat.
This is a game peripheral that is often overlooked, or does not give the same level of attention when choosing a game PC, keyboard or the best game chair.
But this is also one of the cheapest ways to get you an advantage in the competition, because many high
High quality gaming mouse and pads are under 10.
When looking for the best option, whether you\'re using a laser or an optical mouse, you want a cushion that gives you precise control, made of durable fabrics or materials.
Using customer reviews, we chose the best gaming mouse we purchased in 2019, covering a variety of budgets and features.
From the most basic model to the mouse with RGB led installed, these are all available.
SteelSeries, which sells more than 10 million gaming mice in its QcK series, is one of the most trusted brands of esport professionals.
There are good reasons for it Micro
Woven cloth, it\'s high
Thread count and smooth surface, designed to optimize the accuracy of laser and optical mouse.
If you want a budget pad, the cheapest in this range is the basic £ 7. 99 QcK.
It is 2mm thick and has three kinds of small, medium and large. However, £34.
99 send you all-singing, all-
Jump QcK prism cloth.
It is thicker, 4mm, only medium and XL, but added stitched edges and RGB led in the fabric to match the RGB lighting seen on the best gaming keyboard.
Small mat 250mm by 210mm.
Medium growth of 320mm to 270mm;
It is 450mm by 400;
The size is 90mm by 300mm.
The thickness of Razer Sphex 2 is only half a millimeter and it is built to fit into your desktop at least from the elevation point.
It\'s made by extra-
The durable polycarbonate and its surface are optimized to make your mouse move as smooth and accurate as possible.
However, the same subtle mix cannot be considered because of its colorful design;
Rainbow pattern, away from subtle, but looks great with RGB illuminated keyboard.
The standard of the former is 270mm by 215mm, and the standard of the latter is 270mm by 215mm.
Corsair chose the mixture of the polymer surface with its MM600.
One side is the texture panel, designed to provide greater control.
The other is smoother, providing less resistance and making it easier for the mouse to slide through.
In order to prevent the mat from moving, the MM600 has a non-
Slide the rubber handle at the corner, no matter which surface you use, the aluminum frame provides the same handle.
Its black design is much lower key than Razer\'s Sphex 2, with a small yellow accent on the bottom of the mat.
The MM600 is medium sized and is actually an oversized cushion of 360mm by 300mm, 2mm thick.
Other smaller, larger Corsair pads of the MM series are also available. One – the CH-9440022-
EU-wireless charging was added in the price of £ 79. 99.
Roccat has chosen the vulcanization silicone of the Hiro 3D surface, designed in this way, to provide maximum sliding speed and full range of control. Its non-
Sliding the rubber base prevents it from sliding and it is also hit
Absorb, smooth and round edges to prevent wear and tear. Design-
It is wise that the Roccat Hiro is black and there is a Roccat logo in the lower right cornerhand corner.
It\'s thicker than the rest of the mats in this list, at 2.
5mm, measures 350mm by 250mm.
This mat provides style and durability without sacrificing precision.
If you want the lighting options for the SteelSeries QcK prism cloth and the style of the Roccat Hiro, we highly recommend the CoolerMaster RGB hard game pad.
The main liner is made of silicone and has aluminum brackets and steel on the top. Its hard micro-
The textured surface provides great control for the optical and laser sensor mouse, which has five large non-
Lower side sliding grip rubber pad.
The optional RGB lighting features a greater variety of colors and effects than on the Prism cloth, with nine colors and effect modes, using 16.
There are 7 million colors to choose from.
RGB game pad 350mm by 264mm, 2mm thick.
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