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brief history of the optical gaming mouse

by:KJTDQ     2020-06-17
If you\'re like me, you \'ve been a gamer since you remember.
You grew up playing games like Wolfenstein 3D, in fact, it\'s just a demo version because I\'m still a kid, at the time my parents did not believe in buying the game \"via modem\" using a credit card.
You use the arrow or The WASD key on your keyboard to play Keen and the commander who avoids Noid.
Soon we were in the game range, after converting from comfortable keyboard controls for a while, using the mouse, we ran around in the rise of the triad, shooting enemy gangsters and dogs, destroy enemy monsters with our mechanical ball rodents.
Soon the game became more detailed and needed better accuracy and a quick wrist to succeed.
The traditional rats will come out and skip the screen. They can\'t keep up with it. Voila!
Enter the optical mouse in the form of Microsoft Intelli-Mouse Optical.
Generally speaking, the \"new\" optical mouse technology at the time provided a higher sensitivity and would not skip the cursor on the screen because of the mechanical properties of the shelling, and now the mouse can be used on a variety of different surfaces.
Read here to learn how the optical mouse works.
The only limitation is the limitation on the ability of the optical mouse LED optical system and the speed at which these images are processed, which is called points per inch (DPI).
DPI numbers didn\'t soar until the game Mouse, using optical mouse technology.
In the past few years, an optical gaming mouse has been able to exceed 1600 DPI, for example: Logitech MX518, but the early ball mouse was able to reach about 200 DPI.
More than 8 times the resolution!
Although the traditional LED optical mouse is still the majority of the rules, the laser optical mouse entered the optical game Mouse market after launching the Logitech MX1000 in 2004.
The initial advantage offered by the laser mouse is that the accuracy of the laser sensor is more accurate than that of the LED-based optical sensor.
The maximum sensitivity of the MX1000 is only 800 DPI, but its accuracy keeps all previous mice out of the water, and even if you move your hand a little, you will immediately see the relative movement of the mouse, no longer \"stuck\" the cursor because of lack of precision.
The laser mouse can track a wider range of surfaces than the typical LED-based optical gaming mouse.
Since the MX1000, the laser mouse has advanced by leaps and bounds, and it is even possible to reach 5600 DPI, as shown in Razer Mamba, and now there are many other specs and features on the game mouse, mouse button customization, USB polling rate, max acceleration, even on-
Board memory storage used to store the above options profile.
The computer peripherals of the mouse we know have changed from simple and clumsy to fashionable and agile in just 10 years.
Optical Gaming Mouse plays a major role in driving the competition between this technology and different companies in the market.
This demand has grown as players become aware of the limitations of old-age hardware and the almost limitless possibilities that numbers have enabled them to become more competitive.
Technology is a good thing, the mouse is a platform for repeated display.
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