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don’t touch me review – free motion sensor alarm for windows mobile

by:KJTDQ     2020-06-17
As Windows mobile devices become more popular as electronic consumables, they need to be more careful and pay more attention to their whereabouts.
Don\'t touch my car alarm which is almost Windows Mobile version, accelerometer-
Based on the alarm tool, an alarm is issued when a move is detected.
All this means that if someone picks up the phone after you activate, don\'t touch me, they get a nasty surprise!
While it\'s all good stuff, please be aware of the hardware requirements-don\'t touch me and need an accelerometer (
Also known as g-sensor)
The hardware in the HTC Touch series is usually active and working, as is Microsoft.
NET Compact frame 3. 5 (
Free from Microsoft)
And Windows Mobile handheld 5, 6, or 6. 1.
Do not touch me to download and install, need you to access the developer home page and download the CAB installer file.
You can download this file directly to your PC or directly to your Windows Mobile phone-but note that if you download it to your PC, you need to copy it to Windows to run the installation.
Just 43 KB, don\'t touch me and don\'t take up much space on any Windows Mobile device, so you should definitely try it if you have hardware.
Don\'t touch me after installation, don\'t touch I can easily configure by running the tool and going to Menu> Settings> alarm.
There are a lot of options available here, where the key is the ability to set a specific WAV file as an alert (
Not MP3 files.
And the ability to define deactivated code.
Sensitivity can also be adjusted although certain applications can be launched when an alarm rings-activate and take pictures in alarm confusion by setting the camera installed on the device, the perfect way to take photos will be phone thieves. . . (4 out of 5)
Windows Mobile security app must be available for any HTC Touch series phone.
Equipment from other manufacturers does not support or provide g-
Sensor/accelerometer technology, but as it continues to enter this area, it won\'t take long before the functionality becomes standard.
Similarly, mobile phone manufacturers or networks will soon provide software as a standard in this way.
Download for free, don\'t touch me, imagine saving your Windows Mobile device from inappropriate hands-definitely worth a try.
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