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havelock north residents locking up tight

by:KJTDQ     2020-05-04
Some holiday-
With the help of an inventor in the north of havlock, manufacturers lock their houses, such as Fort Knox, before heading to their favorite resort.
Prior to their own family farm holiday last week, inventor and hardware store worker Raymond Hayami was on their family holiday, other villagers have been helped to create \"enhanced security rooms\" to protect their family property.
He then posted details on the Facebook page of Havelock North friends and resident social groups.
Two friends in the north of Havelock went on vacation.
Both have security measures. sensors -
Alarm, but I suggest that they all put their most valuable property into kennard\'s self-storage and then come up with an idea to create a solid security room and put their half-value
\"Mr Hemi bought at least 10 windows for the first time --
Door motion sensor alarm, \"Cross recording\" throughout the room\"
Two alarms are then attached to the inside of each window with blu tac.
\"One of my friend\'s rooms has an inner door to the corridor and an outer door to the home.
The door in the \"security room\" opened.
We cut a very thick board and lean down from the lower side of the inner door handle to the interior point at the bottom of the opposite wall that meets the floor for accurate measurement, then carefully jam the thick plank at the bottom of the handle and at the bottom of the opposite wall, where it meets the floor.
\"To protect the surface, we put clean rags at each end.
We fixed the door handle end of the board to the door handle with tape to make sure it didn\'t slide out.
\"We put the refrigerator by the corridor of the inner door --
The fridge leaned tightly against the door, and a long towel hung on the fridge to protect the door.
We then installed two motion sensor alarms where it was hard to get close to the fridge so anyone who wanted to turn them off could cut off their work and then we turned them on.
\"The motion sensor alarm is also attached to the room side of the inner door and the inner surface of the solid wood board, which is tied to the front and rear door handles.
Mr Hemi said today in Hawke Bay that he may have \"overtaken\" his friend\'s house, but that is \"a huge deterrent\" to a potential thief \".
\"We put all the valuables in one room and made an absolute fortress.
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