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here are the mobile marketing trends of 2019!

by:KJTDQ     2020-04-17
The following is the mobile marketing trend in 2019!
> At the dawn of 5g, what will a more diverse network environment look like in the future?
One thing is certain, the dominance of the vertical network model, because we know that the operator\'s proprietary property will be replaced by more diverse and varied network options, with a lot of new competitors
Operators will have to take advantage of or participate in several types of networks, not just their networks.
The opportunity to sell capacity in bulk to other operators will be set as a model. [
According to a report from Counterpoint Research in April 2018, 5g smartphone shipments are expected to grow by 255% to 0. 11 billion units by 2021. ]
2019 Primer 5G this is oncea-
Our wireless system is upgraded for ten years and will also reach mobile phone users in a few months, but this is not the case, which will also affect many other types of devices, including industrial robots, security cameras, drones and cars that exchange traffic data, urban areas, etc. . .
Download speeds up to 4 in any case.
5g 5gb per second has been tested, but we should see an average initial speed of about 1. 4 gigabits.
20 times faster than 4g.
Qualcomm announced that it will download a movie in 17 seconds with 5g, while 4g is 6 minutes.
But this revolution is delayed!
The 5g technology uses the newer network technology to reduce the delay to a few milliseconds.
It has also been designed to deliver signals more reliably than previous cellular networks.
In 2020, 35% of smartphones will be delivered through machine learning and artificial intelligence in the chipset.
Users are not even aware of how much AI plays in battery performance and longevity.
The AI algorithm monitors your activity and usage, prevents the application from running in the background, reduces power consumption and prevents your RAM from overloading, so it can run the application quickly at any time.
Apple has relocated the tablet and launched a new model of the tablet.
Since 2010, the iPad has occupied the middle between the phone and the computer. Its 10-
Compared to bulky laptops and small screen phones, the inch screen display interface is similar to the iPhone, which is a real change.
But since then, mobile phones have become bigger and bigger, and laptops have become more and more convenient.
Apple recognizes that its initial advantages have disappeared, so it adds features like keyboard and stylus, bringing new benefits to more professional use cases.
But in 2017, global sales of tablets and computers reached 0. 164 billion euros and 0. 256 billion euros respectively.
Sales in both industries have declined, but tablets have not continued their rapid trajectory three years ago.
It is expected that tablet sales will reach 0. 134 billion units by 2022, and computer sales will reach 0. 25 billion units.
Sales of tablets are falling, while sales of computers have rebounded dramatically.
Experts predict that the next big change will come when support for Windows 7 stops in January 2020, forcing many users to turn to the market.
> VR from China (Virtual Reality)is a long-
Semester projects managed by the state itself.
The road map has been identified, and 2020 will see the days when several industrial technology innovation centers create key technological innovations that will make significant progress and create many replicable and evolving outcomes.
Strengthen the cooperation between industry and university, and promote the research of basic theory, common technology and application technology related to virtual reality.
By 2025, the global power in the field of virtual reality in China will be on the world stage to master the main patents and standards of virtual reality, and there are many technical challenges, one of which is to develop a user-
Friendly optical systems to solve dizziness caused by convergence adjustment conflicts and poor image quality are also on the agenda.
Accelerating the industrial development of small and micro enterprises
Display technology such as silicon-
Based on organic light
LEDs (OLEDoS), micro-LEDs (micro-LEDs)
And lighting on-site display to promote the eyes
High resolution and low latency are displayed.
Low power consumption, wide viewing angle, variable depth of field, light and thin, etc. . .
Source> city traffic is at the beginning of a structural change to shared or leased access mode and self-driving vehicles.
The ride-sharing model developed by Uber continues to encourage new competitive platforms and more consumer purchases --in. Low-
Speed of electric vehicles (LSEVs)
It is an emerging category created by birds and lime in the form of motorcycles and bicycles.
Self-driving vehicles will arrive at the commercial deployment of logistics use cases within three to five years, possibly earlier.
How will the next 10 years develop?
The main challenge is the modernization of buildings, roads and street furniture.
> With eSIM, your smartphone will no longer need a physical SIM soon!
Operators may be squeezed out of the value chain due to the split process.
We may be surprised by this reaction (Anticipation)
GAFA on this issue
According to a report from MarketsandMarkets, The eSIM market is expected to grow from $253.
Between $8 million and $978 in 2018.
2023 3 million.
Beecham Research said that eSIM\'s adoption and deployment in the industry will lead to a 34% growth in the mobile industry market by 2020.
Edge computing is available for 5g and IoT.
While 5g reduces network latency, which means faster data transfer between server and device, edge supports processing requirements.
This technology allows data to be processed closer to the source device, making it easier to operate IoT devices in operation.
Experts predict that 2019 of people will actually apply technology in smart cities, driverless cars and other fields.
As 5g improves on the network, edge should increase the value provided by 5g.
For example, the thermostat knows how to adjust the temperature at a certain time, and the Alexa device will tell you the weather forecast for the day.
The challenge is to process this data instantly and know how to make a decision!
The global banking and mobile payment industry is huge, with more than a billion dollars worth of transactions in 2017.
Latin America and points
In particular, in sub-Saharan Africa, mobile payments were widely adopted due to financial exclusion. In Sub-
Sub-Saharan Africa is one of the most promising areas for mobile currency use, with 21% of residents having mobile currency accounts in 2017, twice as many as in 2014.
In the next two years, global mobile payments will grow by 60%.
PSD2 is an EU regulatory directive designed to increase competition in the European payment industry and attract non-
Protect users of payment solutions.
In last September, a report from the Capgemini Institute showed that 82% of companies applying AR/VR found that the technology met or exceeded their expectations.
IDC predicts the industry will reach $143 billion by 2020.
Here are the main challenges in developing augmented reality mobile applications.
The foldable phone is finally entering the commercial release stage from the concept stage.
They consist of organic light. LEDs (OLED)
Panels with higher plastic substrates can be bent without damage.
Our foldable phones
Based on the display manufacturer RoyPa Corp.
FlexPai has entered some markets, and Samsung\'s unnamed folding phone is expected to be available next year.
DJ Koh, president and CEO of Samsung smartphones, announced that they will produce 1 million units.
LG is also expected to launch a foldable phone next year.
Apple, Nokia, Lenovo and Huawei are also working on foldable phones.
Advances in machine learning (ML)
Natural language processing (NLP)
The conversation with the voice assistant is less frustrating.
They gradually understand the background and intention of people.
The speech recognition market is expected to grow from $1.
It was $1 billion in 2017.
9 billion to 2025.
Due to the support of voice assistants in various gadgets, users will no longer need to rely on the physical remote control.
According to a Capgemini study, 24% of respondents prefer to use voice assistants instead of visiting websites.
Smartphone makers are taking the experience to a new level by deploying a lot of sensors and software.
Huawei Mate 20 Pro and P20 Pro have three cameras on the back, Samsung Galaxy A9 has four cameras and Nokia will work on a phone with five cameras.
According to a report released by Counterpoint Research in August 2018, 42% of all smartphones sold in July 2018 have dual or three cameras on the back.
Samsung said that the 10% mobile phone that will be launched in 2019 will have three cameras.
With software implementation, all these hardware additions are improved.
Artificial intelligence (AI)and ML (ML)
Algorithms illustrate the early stages of digital photography.
Companies form their algorithms by showing them millions of pictures.
They then use this knowledge to artificially enhance the photos you take.
The ultimate goal is to completely eliminate multiple lenses, and we may be moving further towards that goal in 2019.
Read more: mobile marketing news and trends Google Pixel 3 and pixel 3XL may be the only high
From 2018, only one rear camera will be available for smartphones.
This is a perfect example of collaboration between software and hardware.
> The smartphone camera will be upgraded to accommodate long distance 3D sensors, which will change mobile photography as we know it.
Researchers estimate that 64% of all smartphones delivered in 2020 will have advanced facial recognition systems consisting of multiple 3D sensorsA reports from Bloomberg, indicating that Sony has confirmed Apple
3D camera series in IPhone 2019.
With the integration of this technology with the next-generation iphone, it is possible to change photography, security and gaming. The report goes on to say Sony will start mass production
At the end of the summer, 3D sensors are produced for front and rear cameras to meet demand.
Apple has shown interest in using the technology and Sony will be ready to use the modules by producing the next generation of iPhones.
Sony\'s 3D camera uses \"time of flight\" technology.
It sends invisible laser pulses and measures the time they pass before rebounding to create detailed 3D models of objects up to 5 m.
The use of this technology is very wide, and in terms of photography, it can be immediately focused even in a dim light environment, as can tracking objects.
In terms of security, 3D cameras can be used for high
Quality mapping and unlocking of the face.
This will reduce the number
The sensor matrix of face recognition technology currently used by Apple.
Finally, this implant will be used to narrow the incision and it is even possible to remove the incision completely.
3D cameras can also be used in mapping rooms for AR and virtual reality.
It also features interactive functions that the user\'s hands can use to manipulate the game environment.
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